Alpha Training



Win the Battle Within

Unleash the full power of your speed, strength and endurance with Alpha Training. With pure athleticism and endless drive, this functional training program will take you to new heights.

Get Started in Alpha Training

Step 1
Schedule a Consultation

Find out what training level is best for you. Talk to a Fitness Professional at your club, or call your training desk to set up a consultation with an Alpha instructor.

Step 2
Consult with Your Instructor

You and your Alpha instructor will work on form and technique to identify your strengths and challenges.

Step 3
Find a Class

Whether you’re joining the full Alpha program or Alpha Fundamentals, find the class time and location that fits your schedule.


Alpha Training

Get the basics and prepare for the full program as you work with your instructor to develop a personalized, high-intensity interval workout.

Program Details

  • Six-week program series
  • Basic strength training and Olympic lifting movements
  • Coordination and cardiovascular endurance training