Surrender Yoga Event Instructor Video Transcript


Surrender is Lifetime's take on yin yoga. Yin is a style of yoga in which you're holding postures for a very, very long time. And most of the postures require a lot of focus and attention.

Surrender's our chance to slow down. To just observe how we're feeling in the moment, without judging ourselves. To just be present.

It could be an absolute beginner-- someone who's never been in a yoga room. Or someone [? that's ?] practiced yoga for 20 years. It benefits everyone.

It's a chance to open up deep tissue-- deep connective tissue-- to watch your breath, and be very, very still. A lot of people experience really deep healing, not just of their physical tissues, but all sorts of old, habit patterns, ideas, thoughts, traumas, sort of evaporate and melt when you just let yourself be really present and feel whatever comes up.