GTX Burn Video

I want to feel good everyday when I wake up, and people who are fit feel good. For you to be healthy, you want to surround yourself with people who are just like you, who want to reach goals and want to feel better about themselves.

In GTX Burn, we're going to train your cardiovascular system. So I'm going to put you on a treadmill or an elliptical for about 30 minutes for the class, where you're going to develop functional movement, walking, walking uphill, maybe running if that's your speed. We're going to warm up your heart.

Then I'm going to take you to very basic movements that are going to help you learn how to move your body outside the gym and develop muscle mass, so you're burning calories outside of the gym, so things like squats, chest presses, all those big muscle groups that are going to help you move better and ultimately have you reach whatever goal you're trying to achieve.

It could be weight loss. It could be just feeling better. It could be a body fat transformation. But they're very specific trainer led movement that's in a group environment that's going to help and push you to exercises that are going to help you see results.