Smiling kids exercising in gym

Grade School

Ages 6–8 years

From yoga, karate and fitness to arts and dance, we help build healthy habits that last a lifetime. Here, your kids start to discover what they love to do.

Featured Classes


We make yoga entertaining through breathing exercises and fun poses like down dog, airplane pose and flowing tree. Namaste.


Turn up the music. We’re getting creative as we learn a range of dance styles from beautiful ballet to modern hip-hop.


Our entertaining and challenging circuits will keep your kids moving, bouncing, balancing, tumbling and soaring high in our gymnastics studio.

Zumba Kids

Let’s get this party started. Zumba Kids is our high-energy fitness class that keeps kids active while dancing to hip-hop, salsa, merengue and more.


Let’s go, team. We’ll run your little cheerleader through the fundamentals of stunts, coordination and teamwork.


We’ll introduce your children to a second language through visual aids, crafts, games, music, vocabulary and dance.

Arts & Crafts

Let your child’s imagination come to life through art. We’ll teach him or her various artistic techniques while supporting their love of creating.


Are your kids ready to rock? Our high-energy music classes will let your kids discover and create music through learning about and performing on many instruments.

Homework Help

Get them all set for school in our play-based classes. We’ll help your kids complete homework, learn organizational skills and be ready for their next class.


Healthy habits start here. We’ll teach your kids how to make better food choices by educating them and having them help make nutritious meals.


With action-packed obstacle courses, kids are challenged through body awareness, balance and coordination, and upper-body and strength conditioning. Recommended for kids 7 years and older.

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