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Ages 3–5 years

Explore. Play. Move. We focus on getting younger kids ready for school while they experience fun activities that include balance, social interaction, emotional management, motor skills and sensory fun.

Featured Classes


We’ll help your little bundles of energy slow down and appreciate the power of rest, conscious movement and flexibility while holding poses.

Junior Warriors

Action-packed with obstacle courses. Kids are challenged through body awareness, gross motor development, balance and coordination, and upper-body and strength conditioning.


Admit it. Your kids are little dancing machines. We’ll promote their passion for dance while teaching them beautiful ballet and even hip-hop moves.


Your future medal winner will learn how to balance, build better coordination and tumble to their heart’s content in our specially designed gymnastics studio.

Zumba Kids

We turn up the fun as your kids dance to the colorful music and choreography of the merengue, mambo, reggaeton and more in this playful workout.

Sports Skills

Game on. Your budding athlete will learn the fundamentals of multiple sports while playing games against friends.


Give me a yay! We’ll introduce your kids to interactive clinics that teach fun cheers, coordination and teamwork to prepare them for the big game.


Our instructor will help your child learn a second language through visual aids, crafts, games, music, vocabulary and dance.

Arts & Crafts

We’re breaking out the paints and craft supplies as your kids create their next mini masterpieces for your fridge.


Before your kids go on a world tour, we’ll teach them the basics through instrument exploration, vocal expression and performance.

Preschool Skills

We’ll get your little learner ready for the real deal by helping him or her learn numbers, letters, shapes and colors, and how to socialize with friends.


We’ll help start healthy habits young by teaching your children about proper nutrition to help them grow big and strong.

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