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Personal Training at Life Time Champlin

Your goals are our passion. 

It’s time you had a partner in your pursuit of a healthier life. Connect with a Personal Trainer who’s invested in helping you succeed. Together, you’ll create a plan that suits your body, taps into your strengths and delivers real results.

Two Ways to Train

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In-Club Training

Head to the club for hands-on coaching from a certified personal trainer, who will hold you accountable and maximize your workout time.

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Virtual Training

If training at home, in the park or on a beach is more your style, you’ll be elated to know that we now offer virtual personal training.

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Our Three-Step Process



Start with a simple assessment of your goals and preferences.



Create a plan designed to get you the results you want.



Work as a team to reach the milestones set forth in your plan.

Why It Works

During your sessions, your Personal Trainer can focus on only you. Your new partner will help you set specific goals, maximize your workout time and hold you accountable — all based on your personality, ability and communication style.

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Member Stories

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Bound and Determined

Life Time member Edna Mason shares how a renewed commitment and consistent habits have shaped her ongoing journey to improved health.

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Man working out in a gym. Man in picture with various other people.

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Larry Prablek’s Success Story

After a frightening bout with COVID-19, an ER doctor recommits to his fitness routine.

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Jason Sweetnam’s Success Story

On his journey to lose 100 pounds, one man found his calling in a new career as a personal trainer.

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Take the First Step

Talk with your trainer to find out how lab testing can enhance your healthy-living plan. Don’t have a trainer? Set up a free consultation to get more information about our lab testing options.

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More From Life Time Training

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Group Training

Get the motivation of a group by your side with the attention of a dedicated coach. GTX and Alpha offer a supportive training community unlike any other.

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Daily support, resources and motivation for you to jumpstart your goals and live a healthier life.

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Nutrition Coaching

Nutrition guidance including a personalized plan to help you eat healthier and feel your best.

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