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Alpha Metcon

Elevate fitness. Maximize endurance.

You will train your body to work harder, faster and longer in this high-intensity, insanely effective fat-torching program.

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Progressive Programming

Experienced and credentialed experts, our trainers take you through periodized programming and deliver accountability, motivation and guidance in formats that work for you.

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Results-Based Classes

Our classes are designed to help you achieve specific goals through heart rate training and a mixture of cardio and strength training.

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The LT Training App

Conveniently connected to our Personal Trainers and community, our LT Training App allows you to track your workouts and proudly view your progress.

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Safe Training Environment

Small class sizes and dedicated spaces help ensure ample social distancing, cleanliness and safety.

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An illustrated graph shows how much emphasis Alpha Metcon classes place on cardio (3 out of 3)


An illustrated graph shows how much emphasis Alpha Metcon classes place on strength (1 out of 3)


Dumbbells, Resistance Bands, ViPRs, Suspension Training, Tires, Battle Ropes


Water, Towel, Heart Rate Monitor (Optional)


60 Minutes


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Why it Works

Alpha Conditioning is metabolic conditioning hyper-focused on your body’s three energy systems. Every hour is a meticulously planned with a variety of intensities, training methods and patterns. Working on strength, speed and endurance will help build maximal cardiovascular and muscular endurance while sculpting your body.

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Where It All Happens

Unique and thoughtfully designed group training spaces under one roof, all dedicated to building a better you.

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Always consult your physician before beginning any new exercise program.