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Life Time GameFace

Sports performance training

Our experienced coaches help players build athletic confidence with customized training programs for varsity, college and elite-level players.

Athletes Fit for Hype

Put your GameFace forward. Discover the inspiring coaches that call you up, training that builds you up and courage that holds you up. Through every situation. Against any challenge. That’s when you know the work was worth it.

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Our Customized Approach

World-class facilities. Experienced coaches. Because every advantage counts, GameFace training includes nutrition, recovery and a winning mindset.

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Experienced Coaches

They know what it takes. Our coaches have worked with all levels of athletes from varsity to the pros.

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Nutrition & Recovery

Food is fuel and it’s an integral part of your body’s natural ability to grow and repair itself while helping prevent injury.

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We customize your training using the most sophisticated weights and cardio equipment available.

Train to Win

Through a detailed assessment of your current fitness level and your future performance goals, our experienced coaches will consider the program that’s right for you.


Ages 12–18 will work to improve your athletic ability with varsity programming focused on speed, explosiveness and movement.


Don’t just make the team, become the best player on it. Our D1 programming helps ages 16–18 improve speed, explosiveness and movement.


Available for ages 14 and up, we combine training and nutrition with interview training and position-specific coaching for optimal performance in any sport.


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Always consult your physician before beginning any new exercise program.