Advanced Pilates



Advanced 1-on-1 Sessions

Make it personal. Work 1-on-1 with an instructor as you discover how these mindful movements can change the way you look and feel. 

Reservation Required

Power Up

Once you’ve mastered the foundational work and secured a thumbs-up from your instructor, it’s time to take your practice to the next level.

Pilates 1

Build on the knowledge that you gained from the introductory private sessions or small group series. Add exercises that improve strength, endurance and quality of movement.

Reservation Required

Pilates 2

Continue your work with advanced exercises. You’ll not only need your instructor’s blessing for this level, but also mastery of the discipline’s foundational concepts.

Reservation Required

Pilates 3

Focus on greater precision, flow and concentration while increasing strength, stamina and control. Check with your instructor before progressing to this level.

Reservation Required

Pilates 4

Challenge yourself to all that Pilates has to offer. But first, get a thumbs-up from your instructor that you’re both physically and mentally ready for these advanced exercises.

Reservation Required