Yoga Flow Instructor Video Transcript


Flow is a vinyasa yoga style. And vinyasa means just connecting breath and movement.

So every body is different. We all breathe at different paces.

Flow gives you the space and the permission to go as fast as you need to, or as slow as you need to. The whole practice helps you get out your mind and really into your body.

If you want to come for just the physical benefits, you'll get stronger. You'll get more flexible, more mobile. It'll help you prevent injury, help you recover from injury.

But it's also a work in. So you get this great benefit for your mind.

Yoga is a big metaphor for life. In practice, we breathe through the ups and downs, through the backbends and the folds, and it's the same thing in life. We're just learning to breathe through the ups and downs, through the waves of life.