A woman in a fitness class with outstretched arms and an exultant smile
A woman in plank position with dumbbells
Xtreme logo

XTREME is the evolution of TCX, our flagship fitness class. Push yourself to the limits in this intense total conditioning Strength and Cardio class.

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A woman and others holding a warrior yoga pose with hand weights

Warrior Sculpt is a fierce yet soulful fusion of yoga, cardio and strength training.

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A group of people poised to kick with their left leg
Strike logo

Strike is a kickboxing-inspired workout designed to build strength, coordination and confidence.

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Two people practicing boxing moves in a group fitness class at Life Time
Ringside logo

Ringside is a boxing-inspired class focusing on the strength training and conditioning done outside of the ring.

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Five women in a row standing on their toes in a sitting position while holding onto a barre attached to a mirrored wall
en barrre logo

En Barre is designed to be your all-in-one barre workout, combining ballet technique with cardio, strength, flexibility and core work.

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Woman smiling as she holds a pose in class
Life Barre logo

LifeBarre is a full-body workout that uses dance-inspired moves to challenge your core, strength and stability.

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Women doing squats in class
Gluteus Maxtout logo

Gluteus MAXout is a lower-body workout designed to strengthen and tone your legs and glutes.

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A woman with her classmates bent over doing a standing arm flys
Upper R X Logo

UPPER Rx is a guided upper-body workout designed to shred your arms, chest and back.

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A man and woman lifting kettlebells
Kettlebell Kombine logo

Kettlebell Kombine is a high-energy class that captures the true power of kettlebell training.

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Man putting on weights on a barbell
Barbell Strength Logo

Barbell Strength is weight training for all levels. This progressive, full-body workout will push you as far as you are ready to go.

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Take Classes from Anywhere

With a wide range of in-club, on-demand and livestreaming classes available, you can always find one that fits your needs — and your schedule. Whichever option you choose, you’ll enjoy engaging, results-driven classes led by top Life Time trainers.

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LifePower Yoga Classes

Find your bliss while you build strength, flexibility and mindfulness in one of our five different yoga formats.

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Indoor Cycle Classes

For fun or for training, our three high-energy Cycle formats offer an experience that’s unlike any other ride.

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People working out in a variety of group fitness classes at Life Time.

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