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Lab Testing at NoHo

Gain insight. Take action. 

From weight loss to sleep quality, lab tests can reveal crucial insights into your overall health. We’ll work with you to determine which test addresses your needs. Then, we’ll use your results to develop a personalized plan to help you reach your goals.

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How It Works

Start by purchasing your test kit through the Life Time Store. Within 2-3 business days, a phlebotomist will call to schedule your blood draw. Once the results are in, we’ll work together to create your customized nutrition, exercise and lifestyle plan.

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Comprehensive Lab Tests


Your body is full of amazing information. We’ll test 36 unique markers to find out what exercises and foods are best for you, learn about your body’s metabolism, and find any potential weight loss barriers.

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Ultimate All-in-One

Our most complete lab test doubles the markers in each category. It provides unmatched detail for your custom plan, including a cardiovascular profile, pituitary hormones and other panels.

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Specialty Lab Tests

Food Sensitivity Plus

Food sensitivities can really disrupt your body, showing up in the form of digestive issues, weight gain, rashes and chronic nasal congestion. Find out what foods are right or wrong for you.

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Stress Reaction & Heart Health

Sleep issues, weight gain, belly fat — no fun. But the good news is our tests will tell you what’s up with your body and how your stress response could be affecting your overall wellness.

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Hormone Health

Giving you an in-depth view into your thyroid function and sex hormone balance, this test is ideally used to track progress of this specific area of metabolism 3-4 months after an Ultimate All In One Lab Panel, but can also be used as a starting point.

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Take the First Step

Talk with your trainer to find out how lab testing can enhance your healthy-living plan. Don’t have a trainer? Set up a free consultation to get more information about our lab testing options.

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