Sol Guided

Rise Together

This dynamic yoga class takes you through a flow of guided poses, encouraging growth and exploration in your practice while synchronizing your breath with traditional yoga movements. 

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Three Life Time members holding yoga poses in a yoga studio at Life Time







Water, Towel, Mat (optional)


60 minutes


Why it Works

  • Gives space for people who are new to yoga to learn how to move in and out of poses while giving time for everyone to play with variations and modifications.
  • Uses a set series of poses allowing students to move deeper into their practice, building greater strength and flexibility throughout the entire body.
  • Emphasizes breathing techniques and application to corresponding poses and sequences through physical cues from a teacher.
  • Moves at a steady pace giving you time to move deeper into poses — broadening and elevating your practice.
Two women holding yoga poses in a yoga studio at Life Time

Two Ways to Experience Class

In-Club or Online

In-Club Classes

Discover thoughtfully designed studio spaces equipped with everything you need to take your workout to the next level.

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Online Classes

When you can’t make it to the club, choose from a wide range of on-demand and livestreaming classes that seamlessly fit into your busy schedule.

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People holding yoga poses on mats in a yoga studio at Life Time

Always consult your physician before beginning any new exercise program.