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Nutrition Coaching at Life Time Fort Washington

Fuel your active body.

When you think about food as fuel, you make choices that further your fitness goals and support a healthier way of life. Our Nutrition Coaches are here to provide professional guidance and create a personalized plan to help you feel your best.

What to Expect

Together, we’ll create a nutrition plan that supports your healthy-living goals. As you progress, your coach will provide feedback, make adjustments and help keep you accountable.

A collection of Life Time nutritional products and healthy plated foods

Our Three-Step Process



Start with a simple assessment of your goals and preferences.



Create a plan designed to get you the results you want.



Work as a team to reach the milestones set forth in your plan.

Why It Works

Did you know that nutrition has a greater impact on your health and wellness than your lifestyle or fitness program? Your coach will help you make nutrition choices tailored to your goals, preferences and body’s reaction to foods.

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A collection of Life Time nutritional products and healthy plated foods


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