A man in an orange tank top holds a barbell at waist height

Alpha Strong

Train tough. Live fierce.

A blend of Olympic lifting, strength training and athletic movement with serious nutrition, an inspiring community and an extremely engaged coach. You will master new skills, be part of a team, and have some fun.

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What to Expect

Box jumps, ball slams, sled pushing, kettlebells. You will quickly know your way around a weight stand. Dumbbells. Barbells. Battle ropes and recovery. Encouragement from all.

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A woman in a black tank top on an exercise machine gets instruction from an Alpha Strong coach in a black t-shirt


An illustrated graph shows how much emphasis Alpha Strong classes place on cardio (1 out of 3)


An illustrated graph shows how much emphasis Alpha Strong classes place on strength (3 out of 3)


Dumbbells, Resistance Bands, ViPRs, Suspension Training, Tires, Battle Ropes


Water, Towel, Heart Rate Monitor (Optional)


60 Minutes

Why it Works

Alpha Strong is a complete program that covers lifting, functional movements, overall lifestyle and mindset. Training in various phases allows the body to be challenged and helps prevent plateau. The basic movements may remain the same, but we change up reps, load, tempo and intensities to keep the body guessing.


A woman in black workout clothes holds a barbell at waist height

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Choose the program that fits your individual schedule and lifestyle.

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Always consult your physician before beginning any new exercise program.

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