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GameFace Sport

Included in Junior Membership for ages 8–13

Kids learn to master the fundamentals of movement, including agility, balance and coordination.

Helping Kids Stay Active

Whether they play a sport or not, kids ages 8–13 learn essential movements in a team environment that provides a boost of confidence and space for active fun with friends.

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Our Fundamentals

We train kids to build on their basic movement skills like walking, running, skipping and jumping to hone their techniques with added coordination between major muscle groups.

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Refining the body’s ability to position efficiently through balance, speed, reflexes and endurance.

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Kids take time to develop controlled body positions and postures during specific tasks.

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Helping kids effectively work their arms and legs together to time their movements accurately.

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Fun to Be Had: 9 Ways Tweens Can Enjoy Life Time

Tweens are a unique age group. While they’ve outgrown some of the kids’ activities but aren’t quite old enough for adult offerings, there are still plenty of ways for tweens to enjoy fun at the club.

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