LifeCafe® Menu

Breakfast Sandwich


Southwest Breakfast Burrito
500 cal

Cage-free eggs, brown rice, black beans, jalapeno, roasted vegetables, cheddar, pico de gallo, cilantro & green onion in a whole wheat tortilla

28g Protein | 50g Carb | 23g Fat
8g Fiber

Ham & Egg White English Muffin
300 cal

Cage-free egg whites, ham, Dijon mustard &  white cheddar served on an English muffin

27g Protein  |  26g Carb  |  10g Fat
4g Fiber

Crisp Bacon & Egg Sandwich
740 cal

Cage-free eggs, nitrate-free bacon, Swiss cheese & red pepper mayo on toasted ciabatta

29g Protein | 55g Carb | 42g Fat
2g Fiber

Frittata of the Day

Chef's choice made with cage-free eggs

Nutrition info on request

Breakfast Panini
700 cal

Cage-free eggs, ham, cheddar & house-made red pepper mayo in grilled focaccia

36g Protein | 42g Carb | 44g Fat
2g Fiber

Acai Protein Bowl

Acai Protein Bowl

Rainforest Acai Bowl
cal 480

Acai sorbet, almond milk and vanilla whey protein or vegan protein topped with fresh fruit, coconut & granola

29g Protein | 53g Carb | 19g Fat
7g Fiber V

Bump It
Almond Butter (180 cal), Chia, Flax or Hemp Seeds (20, 80 or 90 cal), Cocoa Nibs (90 cal), Peanut Butter (280 cal),

Bowl sambazon

Superfood Bowls

Build A Superfood Bowl

Choice of Sambazon Acai sorbet (210cal) or Reveri Vanilla Almond Blossom (270cal) and up to three toppings.

Almond Butter (180 cal)
Chia, Flax or Hemp Seed
(20, 80 or 90 cal)
Cocoa Nibs (90cal)
Coconut (40 cal)
Hemp Seed Granola (80 cal)
Fresh Fruit (5–30 cal)
Peanut Butter (160 cal)

Nutritional info on request.

Rainforest Acai Bowl
350 cal

Sambazon Acai® sorbet topped with fresh fruit, coconut & granola.

5g Protein  |  50g Carb  |  12g Fat
8g Fiber

Avocado Toast

Avocado Toast

AVO Catalina
300 cal

Multigrain toast with avocado, fresh mozzarella, basil, tomato & balsamic vinaigrette

13g Protein  |  27g Carb  |  17g Fat
6g Fiber

AVO Toast
210 cal

Multigrain toast with avocado, black & white sesame seed, crushed red pepper flakes & olive oil

7g Protein  |  21g Carb  |  11g Fat
5g Fiber


Shakes & Smoothies

Legacy Shake
540 cal

Organic 2% milk, peanut butter, Sambazon® Acai, Greek yogurt, L-glutamine & double chocolate whey protein

54g Protein  |  29g Carb  |  25g Fat 
4g Fiber

Bali Blast Shake
300 cal

Almond milk, Peet’s Coffee™, Reveri™ Vanilla Almond Blossom, avocado, spinach, cocoa nibs & vanilla whey protein

27g Protein  |  21g Carb  |  11g Fat 
14g Fiber

Mocha Madness Shake
370 cal

Organic 2% milk, Mocha Java & vanilla whey protein

34g Protein  |   37g Carb
10g Fat  |   1g Fiber

Almond Butter Shake
430 cal

Almond milk, banana, almond butter, cinnamon, chia seeds & chocolate whey protein.

27g Protein  |  30g Carb
25g Fat  |  8g Fiber

Vegan PB & B Shake
380 cal

Almond milk, peanut butter, banana, chocolate vegan protein & café mocha Life Greens™

20g Protein  |  27g Carb
23g Fat  |   7g Fiber

Very Berry Blast Smoothie
350 cal

Orange juice, organic blueberries, strawberries & raspberries, vanilla whey protein

27g Protein  |  55g Carb
3g Fat  |   4g Fiber

Golden State Smoothie 450 cal

Orange juice, almond milk, Reveri™ Vanilla Almond Blossom, banana, coconut oil, turmeric & vanilla whey protein

 28g Protein  |   26g Carb
8g Fat  |   12g Fiber

Strawberry Sunrise Smoothie
380 cal

Orange juice, organic strawberries, banana, & vanilla whey protein

 27g Protein  |   65g Carb
3g Fat  |   4g Fiber

Acai Berry Recovery Smoothie
520 cal

Orange juice, Sambazon® Acai, organic blueberries, Greek yogurt & vanilla whey protein.

30g Protein  |  87g Carb  |  7g Fat 
2g Fiber

Body Builder Shake
370 cal

Organic 2% milk, two organic fruits, Greek yogurt, creatine & double vanilla whey protein

55g Protein  |   17g Carb
10g Fat  |   0g Fiber

The Ultimate Protein Shake

Includes 24 grams of whey protein or 20 grams of vegan protein plus your choice of below:

Base Options
Almond Milk (35 cal), Organic Coconut Milk (40 cal), Organic 2% Milk (120 cal), Orange Juice (240 cal)

Add-In Options
(Choose Two)
Almond Butter (180 cal), Avocado (80 cal), Banana (50 cal), Blueberry (15 cal), Cocoa Nibs (90 cal), Coconut (40 cal), Kale (25 cal), Mango (35 cal), Peanut Butter (160 cal), Pineapple (20 cal), Raspberry (10 cal), Reveri™ Vanilla Almond Blossom (40 cal), Sambazon® Acai (70 cal), Spinach (5 cal), Strawberry (15 cal)

Bump It
Add to any shake or smoothie:
Chia, Flax or Hemp Seeds (20, 80 or 85 cal), Collagen Protein adds (140 cal), Creatine (0 cal), Generation UCAN® (90 cal), L-Glutamine (0 cal),Life Greens™ (50 cal), Matcha (10 cal), Vegan Protein (110 cal), Whey Protein (120 cal)


Nutrition info available upon request.

Kids Meals


Served with fruit (80 cal), kids chips (110–210 cal) & organic milk (70–120 cal) or juice (40–70 cal).

The Foundation
170 cal

Sweet potatoes, broccoli & chicken
15g Protein  |  25g Carb  |  4g Fat
7g Fiber

Fiesta Bowl
270 cal

Brown rice, black beans, tomato & avocado
14g Protein  |  42g Carb  |  9g Fat
15g Fiber

80 cal

Zucchini noodles with marinara
2g Protein  |  9g Carb  |  1g Fat
1g Fiber

Cheese Pizza
360 cal

15g Protein  |  41g Carb  |  16g Fat
3g Fiber

Chicken Tenders
360 cal

30g Protein  |  27g Carb  |  14g Fat
2g Fiber

2,000 calories a day (1,200 to 1,400 calories for children ages 4 to 8 years) is used for general nutrition advice, but calorie needs vary. Additional nutrition information available upon request.