Upper Rx Educational Video – Transcript for Captions

If you're looking to feel stronger and more mobile with your upper body, you're going to get that from this class. The experience for any member is going to feel like you are taking traditional strength training exercises and putting a little bit a kick in it, and a little bit of spice. Really bringing that heart rate up and allowing yourself to feel empowered with the movements.

We'll start off with a nice warm up, a couple of minutes line to get that heart rate going. And right away, we'll head down to the floor, get into core work, so that we can fire up that core for the remainder of the class. We're going to be taking traditional strength training moves, adding an Olympic weightlifting component, adding some power moves, and really hitting that core stability strong.

And then, that metabolic conditioning, you cannot replace and nobody wants to work that hard on their own. So we're going to do it together. And it's going to feel great. If you feel like you're somebody who maybe doesn't quite know what to do on the fitness floor, or you're just tired of doing the same exercises in the same way, this class is going to challenge you, and you'll be getting stronger while doing it.


Upper RX Educational Video – Transcript for Audio Description

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Women exercise.

People lift weights.

A woman pumps her arms. Text, Upper R X