Kids stretching on mat

Progressive Learning Classes

Encourage your child’s passion for dance, fitness, yoga or gymnastics. Through multilevel and developmental curriculum, we progress through 6-10 weeks of fun. And celebrate improvement with weekly showcases.

Yoga Academy

Our creatively designed yoga classes are specifically for children. Throughout the program, instructors will focus on training proper alignment, posture and skill while kids master physical and mental strength with breathing exercises, flexibility and relaxation techniques. 

Dance Academy

During each class, your child will work on the core foundations of dance: proper warm-up, flexibility, balance, barre exercises, floor combinations, across-the-floor progressions, technique, stretching and strengthening. Each week we’ll showcase a dance in celebration of their achievements.

Gymnastics Academy

For gymnasts ready to take things to the next level, our curriculum is based on USGA levels of progression. Skills and development are individually tracked and charted, and the focus is on building coordination, flexibility and strength with skill breakdowns, safety, spotting and drills.

Fit Academy

Guided through conditioning, fitness-based education, nutrition, measurable testing and level progression, we’ll track their improvements weekly in high-energy cardio, flexibility, endurance and strength building. And add in a little healthy competition to motivate each child to achieve new personal records.

Climb Academy

Whether they’re a beginner or advanced, classes are specially designed for each level and focus on building wall skills in bouldering techniques, top-rope climbing, knot tying and mastering new routes. Kids will learn these essential skills for real-world rock climbing gradually and under expert supervision.

Registration occurs 2 weeks before classes start and is included with your junior dues.