Alpha Strong Video

All right. Here we go.

Workouts, you can get that anywhere. It's not a matter of you can't do it on your own. It's like, you love being around other people to help push you to that next level. Alpha Strong is strength and conditioning 101.

Now you're starting to take a lot of those body weight movements and applying them at a gymnastic level. So you might be doing a pull-up, a muscle up. You're going to hear a lot of those stable movements such as squats, deadlifts, and then Olympic lifts.

We're all squatting. We're all doing some type of push and pull. It's all about how we're progressing within that journey and within that continuum. Come in there with your mind right, trust me, we're going to get your body right.

Making somebody change from the inside out and making them believe, that's an emotional connection. That's something that you cannot just get anywhere. In a sense, you're breaking down a old self and bringing about something new. And I always say that if anything, you're going to become alive. My goal and all our coaches goals in Alpha is to make sure you leave out better than when you came in.