Dynamic Personal Training

Understand the science of your amazing body. Learn what's needed for complete nutrition. Catalyze results with a proven plan. Train dynamic.

Know It

Establish a baseline and track progress with the latest health and fitness technology.

Nourish It

Learn how to fuel your body with expert coaching that goes beyond what you eat.

Move It

Experience dynamic results. Transform your body, health and how you move through life.

An image of a phone showcasing a text conversation between Coach Martin, a male trainer, and his client Lauren: 
            (11:04 AM) Coach Martin
            Since you've mentioned sleep is a challenge, you might want to experiment with having a small snack before bed. (Coach Martin has included an article called “What to Eat—and Not Eat—for Good Sleep” with his message.)
            (11:08 AM) Lauren
            You're telling me I can eat more carbs lol?!! (party face emoji) Super helpful, thank you!

From portion size to proper form, sync up to stay connected.

Thumbnail of the Life Time Digital app, which is what training clients use to message their trainers.
A black and white image of a man smiling from ear to ear. He's holding onto the handles of a push sled and looks exhilarated from having made it to the end of a challenging workout.

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We are pationate about many things. Especially you. Reaching your goals.

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A male lifting a kettlebell. A shirt-less male doing the battle ropes. A woman sitting crisscross, and her hands crossed in front of her face doing a meditation.

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