12-Week Weight Loss Plan

Week 1 - Goal Setting

A man completing a yoga pose on a rock overlooking the sea

Set yourself up for success by determining your goals, creating a healthy grocery list, and crushing this week’s recommended workouts. Then check out the LifeSpa℠ for fun ways to celebrate your successes.

A man and woman running in the sunset

Set Goals for Success

Writing down your goals nearly doubles your chances of reaching them. Use our goal-setting guide to help you take this pivotal step.

A man completing a bent over row excersise

This Week's Workouts

You've got this. Start off strong with your Week 1 strength and cardio workouts.

A mix of healthy foods on a table

Fight Fat with Nutrients

Fuel your metabolism wisely. Learn why a nutrient-dense diet is a safer and surer way to help your body shift into fat-burning mode.

Woman jump starting her goals with the 60day

Join us for the 60day

Jump start your goals with the 60day. You’ll get the daily support, resources and motivation you need to live a healthier life.