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Deal Yourself In

Refresh your routine with a simple deck of cards

Introducing the deck-of-cards workout. Are you willing to play the hand you're dealt?

Deal Yourself In(external link)

The Minimalist Workout

Get a high-intensity workout in just 30 minutes

Work all your major muscle groups, get your heart pounding and clear your head.

The Minimalist Workout(external link)

3 Yin Poses for New Yogis

Put them together for a short but sweet flow

Three restorative poses that improve mobility and promote calm and relaxation.

3 Yin Poses for New Yogis(external link)

Chair Yoga

Yoga for everyone, anywhere

Three spine-strengthening poses that improve posture and relieve hip and lower-back pain.

Chair Yoga(external link)

3 Yoga Poses for Recovery

Try some new moves after your next workout

These essential poses will engage your core, stretch your spine and challenge your balance.

3 Yoga Poses for Recovery(external link)

The Countdown Workout

Got ten minutes? Try this do-anywhere workout.

Develop “relative strength,” the ability to move your body through space quickly and efficiently.

The Countdown Workout(external link)

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