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Congrats to Our Winners

There were so many who dedicated themselves and crossed the Dynamic 30 Challenge finish line by completing 30 days of six habits — not an easy feat.

The members below were randomly selected and are taking home Grand Prize Packs for their consistency and dedication.

Small Changes. Big Results. It’s All About Habits

The Dynamic 30 Challenge provides 30 days for you to fully commit to transforming your health. Simplify your fitness and nutrition and get back to the core fundamentals that create sustainable change.

The Dynamic 30 includes:

  • An easy-to-follow app-based program
  • Kickoff consultation with a trainer
  • Digital habit and progress tracking
  • Daily workout plan and stretch routine
  • Downloadable guide with expert tips
  • Weekly motivational emails and access to a coaching team
  • Weekly winner drawings
  • Grand prize opportunities
  • Exclusive access to participant-only deals
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