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For over 25 years, Life Time has been a champion of healthy, happy lives. Our passion is fueled by our members. Their dedication, perseverance and hard-earned triumphs continue to amaze and inspire us — in and out of the club.

Louie McGee running with his triathlon partner
Life Time Member, Kathy Thayer

Choosing a Brighter Future

“Just because you’re 80, doesn’t mean the world isn’t open to you.”

Watch Mary's Story

An image of Maleah Alojado

Discover the Power Within

An image of Betty Ann Guarino

Hello Yoga, Hello Sunshine!

An image of The Barracudas at the outdoor swimming pool

All You Gotta' Do is Try

An image of Scott Morton and his friend walking on a grassy path

We Saved Each Other

Patty Kouatli's Story

Perfect Partner

Ann Tan's Story

Learning How to Live

Jim's Story

A Whole New World

Kevynn's Story

Stronger Than Your Strongest Excuse

Dan & Betty Butler

Extraordinary Heights

Emilie Boesen

Emilie's Journey: Part 4

Emilie Boesen

Emilie's Journey: Part 3

Emilie Boesen

Emilie's Journey: Part 2

Emilie Boesen

Emilie's Journey: Part 1

Summer Osborne

Healthy from the Inside Out

Roberts Family

Moments with Mom

Don Matthias

Back to College after 60 Days

Sheri Parks-Warrick

Mom's Turnaround

Sheri Larson

Age is Just a Number


The Ultimate Gift

Mike McGuire

Meet the Gorilla Lady

Mike McGuire

Life Transformed

One Team, One Dream

Determined to Teach Again

From Cancer Survivor to Ironman Athlete

Finding Courage through Powerlifting

Her Three-Part Approach to Weight Loss

A Journey of Love, Kindness and Yoga

Up 100 Races, Down 100 Pounds

Beating Cancer with Bootcamp

Life after Injury: Becoming a Warrior

Rehabbing from a Spinal Injury

Coping with Loss through Community

Her Blueprint for Healthy, Happy Aging

Finding Her Happy Place with Team Alpha

How She Unleashed Her Inner Athlete

Studio Cycle Enthusiast Takes on Cancer

Shedding Pounds and Gaining Confidence

Reclaiming Her Life Post-Diagnosis

Getting Strong to Cope with Loss

Strength Training Brings New Confidence

From Family Tragedy to Personal Triumph

Winning Her Lifelong Battle with Weight

On the Road to Recovery with AMP Cycle

The Making of a Marathon Runner

A Life Transformed through Yoga