Finding Courage through Powerlifting

Carolyn Feller

Life Time Garden City, NY | Member Since 2015

“Being surrounded by likeminded, strong, powerful women is such a gift.”

As soon as I started working out at Life Time, I started training with Sam Wright.  Her strength and motivation was contagious.  A couple of months after training with her I found out I had a heart condition that I was completely unaware of.  I was scared to work out or bring my heart rate up too high.  She was with me every single step of the way, she listened to my concerns, wiped my tears and encouraged me to realize that I was stronger then I gave myself credit for.  She got me into powerlifting, something that made me feel stronger than I ever imagined.  She inspired me to push myself to limits I didn’t think was possible, this made me have the drive to train for my first power lifting competition.  It was the most surreal experience of my life, I might not have been the strongest but the fact that I trained for about 6 months and stuck with it while being a mother of two and working full time is one of my proudest accomplishments.  The photo attached is of myself, Sam and another kickass woman that I met at Life Time.  Being surrounded by likeminded, strong, powerful women is such a gift and one that I am grateful for every day.  That is how I feel when I walk into the doors of Life Time. Something I will never forget is my daughters voice on one of my lifts shouting “come on Mommy, you can do it.”  Thank you Life Time for bringing Sam Wright into my life, she has forever changed me.  She had me stronger and more determined to continue my fitness journey.

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