Studio Cycle Enthusiast Takes on Cancer

David Russell

Life Time South Jordan, UT | Member Since 2011

“I was determined that I was not going to let cancer affect my fitness lifestyle.”

I have made every effort to go to Life Time Fitness at least 5 days a week to improve my overall health and to be in the best health condition as I can be. My gym routine is to spend 40 minutes of strength training, and then 20 minutes of Cardio. In addition to my daily routine, one of my most favorite Life Time programs is to attend a Cycle Spinning Class twice a week. The reason I enjoy this class so much, is because of your spinning coach named Stacy Curtis. My life changed in a very big way in the spring of 2015!  I determined that I had Hodgkin’s Lymphoma Cancer. I was devastated! How could I have Cancer? It did not run in my family, and I was one of the healthiest men I know? Because time was ticking since my cancer had already been staged to 3b, I immediately started 12 Rounds of Chemotherapy. I was determined that I was not going to let this cancer affect my fitness lifestyle. Was cancer difficult? Yes it was extremely difficult, painful, and caused much fatigue. I tried going to the gym three or four times a week on my good days after my chemo treatment. I was going to beat this, and not let the fatigue take me down. One of my greatest gym motivators was my spinning coach Stacy Curtis. I continued to try to be on my same schedule with my spinning class twice a week. It was difficult, and it was hard to keep up, but Stacy gave me the encouragement. Stacy continued to provide to me the encouragement and the will to live! She seemed to use me as the example to my class, and would say things to the class, like: “ can’t give up”, look at David…He is going thru Chemo and has Cancer” and “he is still standing during the spinning class and is not giving up”. Even though it was embarrassing to have this attention drawn so much upon myself, it provided me the encouragement every week to keep coming to my spinning class, so that I would not feel so fatigued the rest of the week. I am now fully in remission from my cancer, and I continue my daily routine as I have done in the past in going to Life Time Fitness. One of the reasons I continue with my Life Time Fitness membership, is because of a great friend, and a great Cycle Spinning Coach Stacy Curtis.

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