Emilie Boesen Story Part 1

It's morning in Urbandale, Iowa. 

Do you want to get the eggs out, please? 

Put a little bit of milk in there. 

For Emilie Boesen, the start of the day is busy and loud. 

Everyone's egg is more, mom. 

No time for morning reflections here. 

The kids all help me usually make breakfast in the mornings because we can't make things easy to do-- bowls of cereal-- because they for some reason refuse to eat that. So we always have to in the mornings do French toast, eggs, and they really enjoy helping. Let's go. 

So I am a single mom of three. I have three children-- Olivia, who is six. She is in first grade now, and she is my little helper. Then I have a three year old, Harper, and she is my little spitfire. Let's go. Then I also have a two year old, Max. He will just do whatever his sisters do. Doing this for my kids is a big part of this. 

When I look back at the pictures of myself and where I was in my life, I just can't even believe that that's me. I didn't know, looking back now, how unhappy I guess I was, not only with myself on the outside, but on the inside, as well. Olivia are you buckled in? I had been either pregnant, breastfeeding, something, I felt like, for six years straight, and I needed to get myself back. Everybody out. There we go. 

So I was going to the gym, and I was dropping my kids off, and I ran into my friend, Emily. And she has four kids who are about the same age as mine and looked great. And I was like, how do you have four kids and you look that amazing? And she said, bootcamp. You have to join bootcamp. 

Once you get the full extension, go right down. Don't hesitate. You got to go. Her being part of the team-- that was a big factor, because with my bootcamp classes I want to have that feel where you're joining a team rather than me filling your hour and you going to a class. Row 500, 21 squat press. On your mark, get set, go. 

I literally remember her first time joining bootcamp. I remember her being on the treadmill with us, and it was really, really hard for her. 

I think we try very hard as a group to not make our goal just to be thin. Our goal is to be strong. 

My relationship with my team kind of developed into more of a family. I like that. 

You just really get this rapport with each other. It's so nice. I feel like you just need that in your life. 

On or off days, we still got together, still met at the gym. We actually meal plan together, go grocery shopping together, help each other out with kids. And it was great for me to have the accountability of people. Where were you? Why weren't you there today? 

Be with us, because-- it's just one of those friendships where it's like we've been friends forever. Emilie inspires me by her motivation to not quit and to keep going no matter what was thrown at her. And just doing it with her kids, as well, is just incredible. 

So the first time I got on the scale to weigh in for my challenge at that time it was one of those where you don't really even want to know what the scale says. At that point in time, my body fat was at 51%. So over half of me was fat. It was an eye opener, just that I needed to change. I'd had three kids. I needed to get back. I really need to do something for myself, get to the point where I can have energy back to take these kids the park to play. 

Nutrition was hard for me, learning that just because a food is there I don't need to eat it. If I'm full, I need to be done. I was learning how to get out of my comfort zone. I was lifting weights, doing things that I never imagined doing. I weighed in every week and saw my name climbing up on the leader board, so I was really happy about that. I think I lost like 38 pounds during that 90 days. I ended up getting in the top, I believe, 25 nationally, which was huge for me. I had a huge accomplishment, but I wasn't quite where I wanted to be. There were still changes I knew that I needed to make. 

It just kept me going. To have somebody with you, that's, I think, the biggest part. Even with Life Time bringing us together and then having just somebody there to go through it with you, not being alone really just keeps you going. If you start to fall, she picks me back up. 

A lot of stuff going on in the last year. 

Emily was back on track, getting fit, eating better, feeling better, and then something no one could have seen coming. 

Two weeks before Christmas he wasn't feeling well. He went to the doctor, had a sore throat. They said, yeah, looks like you have a viral infection. We're going to put you on some antibiotics. Everybody-- we went over to his house, and he was-- there he was. 

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