Emily Brookshire


I was diagnosed with lupus and five other unknown autoimmune diseases. Everything just hurt. All my joints were bad, like I couldn't take off my own seat belt very well anymore. I just felt awful day in and day out. 

What I really learned to do during that time was really connect to my body. I totally spent, like, my lifetime ignoring my body. It's so connected to my heart and my spirit, and I was just abusing it. 

I've pretty much always been overweight since childhood, and the core issue for me was that I was using food as-- food's been like my oldest friend. Weight always was this thing that eluded me. I couldn't quite understand why I could be so capable in all these other areas of my life. 

I was good at things, you know? I could do things. I have my degree in nutrition fitness health. I did when I was over 300 pounds. It was something I couldn't figure out. I couldn't win. So I was like, all right, I want to get serious about losing weight and feeling better, looking better. 

So I came to Life Time. I was just floored. Like, this place was amazing. It took away every single excuse I could possibly have not to exercise. 

Keep letting your breath move through you, in and out. 

I went and I took Heidi's yoga class. 

Take a moment here to spread your feet and feel your foundation underneath you. 

Emily is just a light. We love having Emily. 

Good. Inhale, stretch your arms overhead, look up. 

She cares about her people so much. She loves what she does and it shows. 

Keep sinking your heels. 

Emily is definitely an inspiration. And as she was shedding weight, she was shedding layers of personality that didn't belong to her. The true Emily started to shine more and more, and it just was such a joy to watch. 

It brings this amazing centered place of your body connecting to your spirit. It's got such a good energy to it. You can feel the love and the peace. 

I was feeling a lot better. I changed my food and been doing a lot of healing. It's a very drastic photo difference. It does feel like two different human beings. I'm not the same person anymore. 

Through this process, I found my own strength and my own power and my own responsibility and the part that I played in all of it. I am a painter, so I do basically any kind of custom-finish painting and handyman work-- my handywoman work. [CHUCKLE] 

I like working with tools. I like working with my hands. I really love what I do, actually. I have freedom with my job and balance it around Gracie's school schedule. 


Well, Gracie is my girl. She is, you know-- we have such an amazing relationship now. We are new together. We have a new life and new thankfulness. 


Just trying not to be that overweight. I didn't want to be that mom. 

Ready, go. 

I know that she is proud of me, but not because she consciously realizes that I even lost weight. She never saw me as anything but beautiful because I'm her mama. 

The journey has not been easy. Can I say that there won't ever be another 10 pounds? I don't know. I don't want that. As far as going back to who I was, that's impossible. I couldn't be that person anymore. But it doesn't change my own strength and responsibility and where we are now. And the future is wide open. This is the life we want to make.