Rehabbing from a Spinal Injury

Ginny Gilroy

Life Time Flower Mound, TX | Member Since 2017

“I walked in my first day, half bent over, my back was unable to straighten from lack of use, I was overweight and defeated.”

Life Time Fitness has literally saved my life! In 1991 I was in a serious car accident causing my entire lumbar to be fused, The pain I suffered was unrelenting. Day after day I spent battling pain & medicines; I barely knew if I was coming or going. All the while, I was doing my best to raise 3 children. My children learned to help me at very young ages, something they should have never had to deal with. I still feel guilty to this day for needing the help of such small children. I begged my doctors to find some other type of pain control to rid me of oral meds. I became a candidate to receive a pain pump. Having the pump ended feelings of me being drugged. I thought I'd have a new lease on life! It was then, almost 17 years ago that my Dr. told me NOT to be active. No twisting, lifting, jumping, running etc... for the REST OF MY LIFE. He said I had to be very careful not to do things to jeopardize my pump or my fusions.  I dealt with depression, weight gain and loss of muscle tone from doing so little. Just over a year ago, I met a Dr who felt differently about my back care. He told me to join a gym and see what I could do. I found LIFE TIME, and I've never looked back!  I walked in my 1st day, half bent over, my back was unable to straighten from lack of use, I was overweight & defeated. They set me up with a trainer named Beth who has become my life-saver! Slowly she encouraged me to push forward; I found myself standing up straight after only 1 month!  Beth and I have met 4 days every week. She has introduced me to Pilates, Water Aerobics and new workouts! She cheered me on when I felt I couldn't go any further. I began to lose weight and other trainers began to tell me how great I was doing! It has been such an uplifting experience! I look forward to going every day and finding new muscles I never had! My Dr was amazed at the new strength of my back muscles! I've still have a ways to go, but I'll never quit! The encouragement of the people at Life Time is amazing! They have become my family and my cheerleaders! Everyday, trainers including Seth, Carol, Lisa & others encourage me with a smile or a pat on the back. I am 55 & LIVING again! It feels GREAT! 

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