Getting Strong to Cope with Loss

Jayme Drzewinski

Life Time Westwood, MA | Member Since 2016

“Exercise has become my outlet for grief, my way of not letting it consume me.”

My husband and I joined Life Time last October. At the time we had three month old twins and a three and a half year old boy. Life was very chaotic and joining Life Time made working out a possibility again thanks to the amazing Kids Academy program and staff. Starting to get back in shape and rehab my body after having twins was able to become a reality and I looked forward to "me time" when working out.  My three kids became regulars in the Kids Academy. Then in January our whole life turned upside down when one of our twins became critically ill very suddenly and passed away just five weeks later from a liver tumor. The Westwood staff could not have been more compassionate and accommodating as we tried to transition to the new normal. Getting back in the gym was one of the first things I did, because I needed it so very badly. In the past I always used exercise as a stress relief and craved the endorphin rush after a good sweat session. And now I needed it more than ever. The stronger I become physically the stronger I become mentally- ready to take on whatever challenge life throws my way. Exercise has become my outlet for grief, my way of not letting it consume me. I start almost every morning with some type of workout. Usually it consists of some type of cardio and strength training session, but every once in a while I like to try something different, like Strike with Jeannie Dziama or yoga or barre class. I've been home with my children for the past year on an extended maternity leave, but when I start back at work teaching in a few weeks I still intend to find that "me time" as often as I can


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