Jenni Stevens Story

[MUSIC PLAYING] Arian was born in May. 

Hi! Yeah! 

She is 5-months-old now, starting to giggle and laugh and loves to be tickled. 


Just enjoy watching her change. She changes all the time. And it's amazing to be her mother. 

When we found out that we were expecting, I knew that-- I know that my body was not healthy enough to even sustain my own health. I knew that I probably couldn't have grown a healthy baby or even sustained a pregnancy at that time in my life. 

It started, probably, about 5 years ago. I was having migraines, probably once or twice a week, and just sick to my stomach. And I'd throw up regularly. And I knew there was something wrong. And no one would actually listen to me. And that was extremely frustrating. And it was almost depressing. 

She had trouble remembering stuff. She always explained it like she just felt like she was in the clouds, like cotton in her head. 

I went to so many doctors appointments. And no one really helped me. 

Going to the doctor was very frustrating, not getting the answers that we wanted. And it just seemed like dead-end. 

It was really hard on him to watch that and not be able to do anything. I'm sure it's a very helpless feeling. I needed to find somebody that would advocate for me and try to figure out what was wrong. 

Well, I met Jenni at the club. She was like, I'm exhausted. And I don't know why. Everything that she was eating was making her tired, bloated, foggy-brain, and just making her feel unhealthy. From there, we sat down and talked about the lab testing. So that's where we started. 

We did the comprehensive one, so it looked at everything. Angel really sat there and helped me go through the test results and then make a plan of what to do. When I was given the diagnosis of celiac disease, that's when it was just like, wow. This is what's been wrong. 

Before this, I'd never even heard of it. Just you see this trendy thing with people a lot with, oh, I'm gluten-free. But once you realize that someone you know has it, then you hear other people's stories. And you start realizing how big of a deal it is. There's a lot of people that have it. 

I've been gluten-free for almost two years. I was able to work out. And I felt good. And I had energy. And I had mental clarity. 

It's like the person I knew, that I met, is slowly starting to come back. 

When someone comes to you and their life is really changing and you were a part of that-- it's really cool. 

She's been a lifesaver, I would say. She really listened to me and helped me heal. I know that Life Time was a big piece of that puzzle. I'm just thankful that I was able to be a mother. And that, to me, is the ultimate gift.

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