Jonathan Garza Story

I was at 378. Here I am in my early 30s. I literally felt like I was in my 50s. 

He started working in the corporate world in Dallas, which is a very competitive cutthroat environment, which is completely opposite of his personality. So he didn't really adapt well. And as a result, he was just feeling a lot of stress, internal conflict. He turned to food to really manage those emotions. 

I was still eating my emotions, still eating that stress. The more Caroline tried to help me and eating healthy, the more I rebelled. So we actually went to England. There was a restaurant we were sitting at, and Caroline noticed the individuals. They had been staring the entire time. People stare at you, and you tend to not notice. Your self-confidence is so low, you don't really look at the world, but at this point, it was rock bottom for me. 

When we came back, went to go see a doctor, and the first thing he said was congratulations, you're eligible for weight loss surgery. I remember thinking, what are you congratulating me for? I'm done nothing. 

He was doing the shakes, the two weeks of shakes leading up to his surgery date, and he was miserable. It was really, it was a hard time. 

So here I am using this willpower, that I thought I didn't have, that was when I decided if I can do this, there is no reason I don't have the willpower to do this other thing. Two days before my surgery, I'm not going through with this. Canceled the surgery, and then a month later is when I came to Life Time. 

Are you ready for the metabolic test? 


With Millicent, she sat down, and she listened. So that was the first time that someone had said I think you need nutrition help. 

I'm so proud just to see him come in every single week and just to recognize the accomplishments that he's made. 

So I want you to rack the weight on your chest and on the front of your shoulders. Press, nice. 

And then when he found Life Time and met Millicent, it seemed like there was finally real hope. 

Here we go, last one. 

The thing that really struck home with him was the fact that you know what it's not as much about the workouts. It's about the knowledge. It's about empowering the member and the client and about educating you and being able to do it on your own. He does it pretty much on his own now. 

She's right there. She's like family to me. So that one? 

Yeah. He's just so much happier, so much more confident. He's not numbing his feelings with food. You know, our marriage is better. He's talking about things because what else can you do? It's been just a really overall positive change in our family. 

Our marriage has grown since then. I'm not hiding that depression. I'm not hiding those things that I was struggling with before. What I see in the mirror, and what I feel match up.

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