Finding Her Happy Place with Team Alpha

Juliet Porras

Life Time City Centre Houston, TX | Member Since 2010

“Alpha itself is a great program for anyone, but it’s everything that comes with it that I love.”

April 24th 2007 my daughter Elena was born.  “…Your life will never be the same…”—friends would tell me. Boy were they RIGHT.  Elena was born with stage 3 neuroblastoma in her abdomen, compressing her spine. (we were not aware of the tumor prior to birth) She started chemo when she was 12 HOURS old.  I started to hear all the things Elena would never do while trying to recover from 16 hours of labor.  It wasn’t until after 6 months and multiple surgeries that it was confirmed, she was paralyzed.  She beat the cancer but the cancer took her ability to walk, use the bathroom, possibly have children, not to mention the damage the chemo did to her brain at such a young age.  Since her birth I’ve always felt like I was just treading water, doing everything possible to stay afloat.  I think every parent, especially of special needs, feels that way a lot of the time.  Thinking back I spent the first 4-6 years of her life numb.  Walking around performing my daily tasks as a wife, mother, professional, etc. but feeling absolutely nothing. It wasn’t until I started to actually feel again that I noticed how numb I actually was.  That’s where Life Time comes in.  Life Time changed my life.  Life Time helped me feel again.  In January of this year I asked Crystal (Life Time trainer) to help me gain strength because as Elena grows, lifting her in and out of the wheelchair is only getting progressively more difficult.   I trained with Crystal for about 8 sessions.  She told me (quite persistent I might add) about their TEAM training and more specifically about ALPHA.  I reluctantly agreed to try it out BUT I am so happy I did.  ALPHA itself is a great program for anyone BUT it’s everything that comes with it that I love. You are surrounded by great people with the same dedication and the trainers are phenomenal. From Bryce who runs the Alpha program, to Fredrick to Juan to Crystal to Josh, SO MANY GREAT trainers that each bring something different.  I go 6 days a week—sometimes morning and afternoon (weekdays 5am and Saturdays 7am).  I can’t stay away.  It’s my happy place and the fact that I can feel happy I am forever grateful to Life Time and their incredible team.

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