From Cancer Survivor to Ironman Athlete

Kristin McQueen

Life Time Warrenville, IL | Member Since 2001

“I don’t get to train the conventional way, so when I do get to train I train with joy.”

I have been a member since 2001 and have trained for 23 marathons and 15 full Ironman. I will be competing in my 16th Ironman in 2 weeks. I have used spin classes from Kate, Monica and Brittney to help me train (and Julie before she moved). Through all this I was diagnosed with cancer at age 24, and have endured 22 surgeries, including 15 brain surgeries with another one scheduled this September. I have used my training at Life Time to deal with all of my personal challenges and credit it for helping me through everything. I have 3 Ironman and a marathon on my schedule this year. 2 Ironman are before my brain surgery, and the marathon and 1 Ironman is after. My motto is "no excuses" because everyone has stuff in their lives they have to deal with. You just have to make a choice in how you deal with it. You can wallow, or you can pick yourself up and make something positive out of it. I have always raced for the American Cancer Society and so far have raised over $170,000 for them. I have always turned to fitness and even though my body has deteriorated with losing half my airway, chronic pain, vertigo, losing half my sight and half my hearing, among some of the complications I've wracked up; being able to train is a gift. I don't get to train the conventional way so when I do get to train, I train with joy. I don't know how long my body will let me keep racing so I always have a smile on my face with every race in case it's my last, no matter how fast or slow the day is going. My goal is to get to the start and the rest is a bonus. Monica, Kate and Brittney have been such wonderful motivators in spin classes and have really helped me towards my goals. I can't even count the hours I've spent at Life Time but I plan on spending many more for as many more races as I have in me!

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