Matt Bruggeman


Three years ago, I was-- oh, a completely different life. And I think I had a pretty lazy, laid back attitude. I wanted to do what was easiest all the time. I didn't want to put any focus on nutrition. I think I was eating between fast food or pizza out for every meal. And just, It was easy. 

Mentally, it was always kind of that focus on relaxing and not exerting myself. At that time, I was 460 pounds. 

He loved to go out. But our excitement was the fancy restaurants. So when it came to, hey, let's go on a hike, or let's do something outside, it kind of made him like-- maybe crabby? Like, he didn't want to do the physical stuff. 

Looking back, I didn't really realize it, but maybe I couldn't do as much as I thought. When I got told I was diabetic, I took it really seriously. The way I've been brought up, if you're diabetic that's an early death sentence. 

Oh, I had a family. I mean, the motivation for me, it was my daughter, my wife. Maybe what, a week or two after I was diagnosed that I joined Life Time. 

Hey, man. Ready to go? 

Yeah, let's do this, man. 

All right. 

He went from zero to 50. Like, he's totally different. 

Drive it up. 

Totally different person. 


I start most days at 4:00 or 4:30 in the morning. 

It's like he woke up and just start-- he just started running and has not stopped. It was like a steam engine. 

I started out basic. Just went on a treadmill, 10 minutes at a time, and I was smoked. But I just kept going. And then eventually, the incline got higher. High enough that I had to hang on the entire time. 

Matt was one of those people that you see on the floor that he just wanted something more. 

Nice. Not too bad. 

The biggest change that I saw in Matt was confidence booster. 

Great job, Matt. 

Over time, it started getting to a point there to where I could start doing more. I decided to sign for my first 5K. 

It was interesting how his demeanor and his spirit kind of just went from the inside out, and you could see him just kind of flourish. 

Looking back, three miles is nothing to me anymore. I've lost 235 pounds now. I feel energized. 

Drive it up. Good. 

Every day I start my day feeling like I've accomplished something already. 

It was really great to see him go from just weight loss to, hey, I want to try an indoor track. And I'll be this indoor track. So then that was the next goal, after, you know, he lost so much weight. 

Zero. Zero. 

And that's the thing that's-- I think Matt really embodies and really exudes that-- that conference, if I can do it, anybody can do it. 

I believe that everyone has that little spark in their belly. Matt has been able to tap into that spark and ignite it into a full flame. 

I can tell he's super proud of her dad, because she's just excited that he's so much more active with her. She has really stuck to this running. She loves doing that with her dad. 

Olive Mae Bruggeman. I call her Ollie, for short. If I didn't change when I did, I think that it would've gotten to a point where she would be able to outpace me. Now, I can keep up with her just fine. 

I'm really lucky to have him in my life. I feel like maybe he pushes me a little bit to just be more motivated in myself. He's not going to stop. He's just going to do more and more. 

Now I look into the mirror an it's like, hey, this is kind of nice. I have some muscles. That's kind of cool. I never thought I was going to have that. I'm definitely proud of what I've accomplished now and I want that to rub off on my daughter a little bit. 

You can do this, too. And you can live a healthy life, as well.  

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