Her Three-Part Approach to Weight Loss

Pam Jones

Life Time City Centre Houston, TX | Member Since 2015

“With TEAM Burn I had a trainer and a new group of friends. It was the first time I started to enjoy working out.”

I was once asked by my trainer Josh New what is your “why” to be at Life Time Fitness. At the time I would have said I joined because it is something I could do with my mother who just received a diagnosis of dementia. In reality, my weight was at the highest point in my life, eating habits were out of control, and I had not exercised in years. I utilize all the tools at Life Time Fitness such as Active Metabolic Assessment (AMA) and the Stress & Resilience Test. The test showed I had some serious issues I would face in the future if I did not address it immediately. One day I decided to go for it and to sign up for Josh New’s Team Burn class. I found that with TEAM Burn I had a trainer and a new group of friends. It was the first time I started to enjoy working out. I developed sauna buddies and new fitness buddies to work out with on non-class days. Within the first couple of months, I had lost 20 pounds, and I was able to perform exercises like lunges for the first time. My form was horrible at first, and I can still remember every time I do a lunge now I hear Josh telling me that “lunges are for lunging.” Since Josh was also a Registered Dietitian, I started to see him for nutritional coaching. I had each week a nutrition goal (i.e. more protein) to accomplish. In those meetings, l learned more about stress, cortisol, and coping techniques. I am learning how to cook other than just microwaving and have made headways in planning out meals in advance. When I did another AMA test the results were drastically improved. My score had gone from poor to fairly good. I used to hate running, and now I am starting to learn to run on the treadmill. This Memorial Day I was even able to complete the TEAM Murph Challenge (which I finished first). Today, my mother can no longer go to Life Time with me and has become a place for me to get away from the stress of her illness – she now knows me as “the girl in the house.” My answer to “why” is that between the nutrition coaching, personal training, lab testing, and TEAM classes, I know I’ve found a home and a new friend in Josh New (no pun intended) that has and will help me succeed and finish my weight loss journey. 

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