Her Blueprint for Healthy, Happy Aging

Tina Lund

Life Time Summerlin, NV | Member Since 2011

“I’m looking forward to my 70th birthday with my new body and new outlook on life.”

This picture tells my story. I’ve been a Life Time member in Las Vegas for 5 ½ years. I used to think cardio was the only thing to do. Until I felt the damage to my joints! For the last 2 years I’ve enjoyed the Aqua classes, Yoga Surrender and Roots, Meditation and online D.TOX programs. I’ve lost 20 pounds and I am stronger and healthier than ever. When I first joined Life Time, I was a new breast cancer survivor. I tried to find clothes that would disguise my figure, but not be uncomfortable. I would just come and go. After my reconstruction in 2012, I started to buy 2 piece swimsuits to hide my weight and figure. I was still participating in Zumba, and Aqua classes when they were scheduled. Things started to change in 2015. Aqua aerobics classes were added and have been ongoing. I started Yin Yoga and began going to the new Meditation classes. My body started to change. At the beginning of 2016 I felt comfortable purchasing and wearing 1 piece swimsuits. I joined Coach Anika’s January Detox Program. I learned so much about my diet and health! I was able to eliminate anti-reflux medications. I lost 7 pounds and that was just the beginning. I started to include a daily smoothie in my diet, eliminated sugar and reduced carbohydrates. By April 2017 I had lost 20 pounds.
The Aqua program has become a part of my life. With some encouragement, I started an Aqua social club and plan monthly lunches or other events– like Bingo, holiday cookie exchange, Halloween party, etc. We are all friends! Thanks to one of our aqua instructors, we now have a Facebook page and a name- Water lilies. We are known as a very friendly, fun and energetic group. I’ve also become friends with yoga participants. One of them gifted me 7 tops that she could no longer wear! I have given my invention (SecureDrain Belt Kit) to members with friends and family that are having mastectomies. We LISTEN to and help each other. LTF has become my second home. I have 2 awesome hair stylists and 3 of the best ever aqua instructors. The yoga and meditation instructors are helpful and compassionate. How blessed my life is here! I'm looking forward to my 70th birthday with my new body and new outlook on life.

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