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Make Time for Mindfulness

This past year taught us all the importance of self-care and mental health as part of our overall wellbeing. Use these resources to help you find comfort, stability, strength and positivity in 2021.

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Reset Your Stress Response

Learn How to Shift to a Calmer State

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Find Ways to Practice Gratitude

Read 12 Tips to Express Appreciation

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Find Peace and Love Within Yourself

Read About Enjoying Love and Happiness

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Enjoy a Spa Day at Home

Try These 5 Tips and DIYs

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Try These Exercises to Lift Your Mood

Get Aerobic Exercise Ideas

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Are You Getting Enough Vitamin D?

Read About Its Connection to Coronavirus

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Try Meditating to Improve Focus

Watch Meditation Videos On Demand

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How to Get More (and Better) Sleep

Listen to Podcast

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Spend 5 Minutes or More Outside

Read About Outdoor Benefits & Ideas

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Enjoy Some Kid-Free Time

View Upcoming Drop-Off Kids Events

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Take a Daily Mindfulness Break

Read Tips for Healthier Remote Work

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Find More Ways to Relieve Stress

Learn 7 Ways for Busy People

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Reduce Your Mental Load

Equally Divide up Chores at Home

Explore other Options you can take

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Healthy Movement

Work out, build muscle or just try and move more during the week. Whether you’re in the club or at home, we have hundreds of ways to help you get active.

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Healthy Eating

Improve your overall nutrition or simply try a new vegetable. We have healthy recipes, supplement guides, meal plans and more to help you get started.

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Healthy Community

Make a positive impact on the health of your community with simple ways to create change, benefit the lives of others or improve the environment around you.