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Get Your Body Moving

In the club, at home or in the app. Check out all the ways you can get inspired to move a little more, build strength, set a new personal record or improve your endurance.

Movement Challenge

Build a Lasting Healthy Habit

Choose a 30-day Movement Challenge (walking, running, cycling or swimming) and start building a lifelong healthy passion. It can be as simple as walking a mile per day, running three miles each week or as challenging as a 100-mile goal.

Register for the Commitment Day 5K

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Cardio & Movement

Start with a simple fun activity below or choose your favorites.

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Have a Dance Party At Home

Get Dance-Party Workouts

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Discover How to Add Extra Steps for 7 Days

Try a 30-Minute Walking Workout

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Stretch It Out With Surrender Yoga

Surrender On Demand

Surrender Class Schedule

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16 Ways to Help You Move More

Read Move More Article

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Make Your Cardio Routine More Effective

Get Machine Workouts

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4 Fitness Ideas for Embracing the Cold

Read Cold-Weather Fitness Article

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Find a New Favorite Cardio Class

Browse Cardio Classes On Demand

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11 Socially Distanced Workouts to Try at the Club

Get Socially Distanced Workouts

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Discover the Power of Play

Read Play Article

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Customize Your Cardio With Heart-Rate Training

Read Heart-Rate Training Article

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Walk While You Learn Something New

Listen to Immunity Podcast

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Try These 4 Mind-Sharpening Moves

Get Brain-Stimulating Workout

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Set a Race or Event Goal

Learn How to Train for a 5K

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Reserve a Place in Class for Accountability

Which Fitness Class is Right for You?

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Challenge Yourself to Take 3 Classes This Week

View Class Schedule

View Classes On Demand

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Stand More During the Workday

Learn the Benefits of Standing Desks

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Try Swimming for a Full-Body Workout

View Pool Schedule

Read Benefits of Swimming Article

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Enjoy a Family Workout at Home

View Family Workouts on Demand

Strength & Muscle Building

Mix and match these training workouts and tips with the cardio ideas above for a more fully balanced workout.

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Try GTX and Alpha Group Training On Demand at Home

View Group Training Workouts

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Body-Weight Workouts You Can Do Anywhere

View All Body-Weight Workouts

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Increase Your Protein Intake

Learn How Much You Need

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7 Body and Mind Benefits of Building Muscle

Read Building Muscle Article

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Optimize Your Training With Supplements

Read About Fitness Supplements

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Learn the Best Exercises to Build Muscle

Read Exercises for Muscles Article

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Help Your Muscles Repair & Recover

Book a Massage

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Add Creatine to Help Build Strength

Read Creatine Article

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Switch Up Your Strength Routine With These 7 Moves

Get Strength Exercises

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Optimize Your Workout Nutrition

Try These Tips

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Create an Energizing Workout Playlist

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Combine Cardio & Resistance Training

Why Strength Matters for Weight Loss

Explore other Options you can take

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Healthy Eating

Improve your overall nutrition or simply try a new vegetable. We have healthy recipes, supplement guides, meal plans and more to help you get started.

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Healthy Mindset

Discover simple steps you can take to improve your mental health, reduce stress, be more mindful in your life or practice gratitude with your family.

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Healthy Community

Make a positive impact on the health of your community with simple ways to create change, benefit the lives of others or improve the environment around you.

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