Ashley T.

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Personal Trainer | Personal Training Manager



  • River North at One Chicago, IL


One-on-One Training, Mixed Combat Arts, Small Group Training


Weight Management, Post Injury/Corrective Exercise, Strength Training

  • Schedule available upon request.

About Me

I have been in the fitness industry for 11 years. Being a former athlete I didn't want to lose my athleticism so I continued training like an athlete. Those around me noticed my drive, determination, and the progress I was making, they asked for my assistance, and I was more than happy to help, it was great to see their growth! I've worked with a wide variety of individuals from adolescents, everyday individuals, athletes, the elderly and more. Prior to becoming a personal trainer I had the opportunity to work in a physical therapy clinic for 3 years. I have an extensive background working with individuals coming out of surgery, pre/post injury, functional and corrective movements are my specialty. I strive to transform my clients into the best version of themselves. I love being part of fitness journey's, the joy and excitement that people get when achieving what they thought impossible is why I do this. My goal is to educate and make fitness fun!

“Your current situation is not your final destination ”


Elina S.

Ashley is the best! Friendly, knowledgeable and patient. The only reason that I am a lifetime member! I love her classes. Her programs are always evolving, continuously challenging us and still keeping it fun. For example we recently started boxing! #CoachAshley

Victor S.

Ashely is very friendly, knowledgeable, and she has so much experience in this field. I believe she is the best trainer out there! My wife and are very happy and thankful to have met her. She makes every class challenging and fun at the same time! She is very involved with everyone and she can transform your body in 60 days! It’s a fact! I am the current 60 day Vernon Hills flex winner!! Aside from being our Boxing Coach, and Personal Trainer, she’s an amazing friend. My wife and I met Ashley in March of 2021. We would cross paths and she would always invite us to her class. We saw how involved she was with each member of her class as we had already been watching her classes for some time. Everyone seemed to have so much fun. We joined her class. It was the best choice we made. A few months after that, the 60 day flex challenge began. She pushed me and wife to our limits and we reached new heights! I never thought I would look this good in 60 days. I stuck with her program and even though some days felt really hard, she encouraged me to keep on pushing. Today I am in love with my results. She is truly an amazing trainer. She knows everything there is about dieting and strengthening your body. If she transformed me, she can transform you! We are blessed to have met Ashley, she is an Angel from Above. When I count my blessings, I count Ashley twice! Keep up the amazing work! #TeamAshley!

Stacy T.

Ashley is an amazing trainer; her classes will challenge you, but are so much fun. If you’re looking for strength training and someone to get your body right & tight, Ashley is that trainer.

Yesenia M.

Ashley is an amazing trainer and human being overall! I’ve always had doubts about getting a personal trainer, but a couple of months ago we met Ashley and she was super friendly and approachable that we started going to her classes. It was the best decision we ever made. I love her dedication and gives us that push that we all need! Since having Ashley as a personal trainer I’ve hit goals that I’ve never thought I would. Me and my husband have completely changed our lifestyles and I will forever be grateful for her. We can’t thank her enough. Ashley is the best in the game, look no further she will achieve any goal your striving to achieve!

Nadia L.

Ashley is an amazing trainer and person in general. She has been training me for about a little over a year now consistently. She helps me stay on task to reach my goals. I always was nervous using certain machines or weights. Even going in that area is intimidating. I would only go on what I knew which was the elliptical or stair master and then leave. But Ashley teaches me as we go so I can come back on days we don’t train on my own and am comfortable using those machines & more. We also box weekly which I've grown to love! It’s just a different sort of workout and my arms are really starting to show the progress. If you are looking to lose weight, tone or just want to be more comfortable in the gym and learn new machines or techniques book a session with Ashley!

Elizabeth Z.

Let's see... what's are my choices today for a trainer: Therapist? Sympathizer against my husband? Calm stretch trainer b/c I am falling asleep? Someone who will push me past what I thought my limits many choices.... What about all of the above? Yeah, I like that option best; oh wait, I don't have to choose! I get that with Ashley! Seriously though, whether its a mental block, I am pissed at my husband for something stupid, or I am recovering from a lower back strain that I have no idea how I did it...I honestly get all of the above and more wrapped into one. If I could hide and secure her away from the rest of the world, I would - or at least put an electric fence around her w/ a sign that says: Nope, MINE HANDS OFF!!! Another person asked if I wanted to trade - he wanted to see why I was so happy..... sorry charlie that spot is mine!

Lisa F.

I started boxing with Ashley a few months ago, and it’s quickly become my favorite workout of the week! Ashley is an excellent instructor. I knew nothing about boxing when I started, and now we are able to collaborate on our combinations and she really enables me to get better and better. And we have fun too! Ashley is a great trainer and I’m glad I have her on my team.

Carol S.

Personally being a bit wary of personal trainers, I studied Ashley for a while, watched how she worked out herself and how she interacted with her clients. She is a fabulous choice and someone who has infused my desire to workout and get in shape with her friendliness, kindness, empathy, energy, fun and, of course, her deep knowledge of her craft. She gives her time and personal attention with joy and seeks to understand her client’s health & fitness goals with follow up questions and regular check ins. She feels like your new best friend, is never short of inspiration and advice on training techniques. I couldn’t recommend her more highly. I am certain I will reach my fitness goals with her as my guide.