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  • Boca Raton, FL


One-on-One Training, Member Onboarding, Virtual Coaching


Weight Management, General Health and Wellness, Muscle Building

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About Me

13 years ago, I was involved in a life changing car accident shattering both of my hands, and leaving me legally handicapped for 2 years in fingertip to elbow casts. When I finally rehabbed- I had lost 40lbs of muscle and gained 40lbs of body fat- setting me at around 50 percent body fat and mentally extremely depressed. I was able to overcome this and go through my own weight loss journey, SO LET ME HELP YOU! Whether you are rehabbing, going through a weight loss journey, or if you are a woman in the fitness industry- YOU can find a teammate in me. My clients stick with me because of this. We are a team. They know what I have gone through and that I will not let them fail. If I could survive tragedy alone and overcome adversity, they can do it too and I will always be by their side. Want to know more? Check this article out :

“It's hard to beat a person who never gives up ”

— Babe Ruth


Tim H.

Working with Brooke has truly been a life changing experience for me. As an older gent, she was able to evaluate my abilities then create a program to my needs. Starting with flexibility and balance she added strength training that transformed all aspects of my life. As I progressed she challenged my boundaries and helped me push to a level previously unimaginable.

Tim H.

Working with Brooke has truly been a life changing experience for me. As an older gent, she was able to evaluate my abilities then create a program to my needs. Starting with flexibility and balance she added strength training that transformed all aspects of my life. As I progressed she challenged my boundaries and helped me push to a level previously unimaginable.

Khara C.

Brooke is an amazing person and trainer! She is the best of the best!

Dina B.

I can't recommend Brooke enough! From day one, her fun and friendly demeanor makes it feel like you are working out with a friend who genuinely cares about your well-being. Her positive energy is contagious and made each workout an enjoyable experience. She took the time to understand my strengths, challenges, and preferences, creating workouts that were both effective and fun.

Phyllis D.

I love working out with Brooke. She is so knowledgeable, relatable, and makes it so fun. I’m a bit older so have some issues, and she knew exactly what to do and how far I can go! She has taught me skills I will always use, and do on a daily basis. I would definitely recommend her! She is great!!!

Cece H.

Brooke is an incredible personal trainer. She is very aware of what you need and designs a workout that is just right. She is kind, patient, and knowledgeable. She has a way of progressing you without you even knowing it. She is also very positive. I love my sessions with Brooke!

Ken V.

I am absolutely thrilled to write this testimonial for Brooke Van Paris, your soon to be favorite personal trainer. I have had the pleasure of working with Brooke for the past year and an half and let me tell you she’s a fitness dynamo wrapped in a cheerful package. Brooke’s dedication to her clients is unwavering. She tailors workouts to fit your personal goals. Her encouragement pushes you beyond what you ever thought possible but her positivity ensures you will leave each session with a smile (albeit a sweaty one). In short, if you are looking for a personal trainer who brings the can do attitude to working out, Brooke is your gal.

Jack E.

I have been gym active all my adult life (72 years young) and joined Life Time in January 2023 with an interest in engaging the services of a personal trainer that could show me the way to working out 'smarter' - more divers anaerobic workout routines that did not compromise results. Brooke prepared workout routines that were less strenuous on my joints but no less positive in results! In fact, my results were more positive and rewarding that I ever anticipated. Not only did I lose body fat from an already low metric, but she guided my in a most healthy and fun way with a focus on form and safety. Brooke was always prepared for 'my' time and fully engaged to ensure that I got the most out of the hard work and made it fun along the way! She gets my Gold Star not only for the results of training, but just as importantly for her genuine interest!

Lisa K.

Brooke brings fun and laughter to every session, making the time seem to fly by. Her upbeat personality and positive attitude, combined with her professionalism and skill, make her a superb trainer. Love her!

mika s.

Hi, My name is mika and I am 15 years old. I started training with Brooke in November of last year. Since then we have developed a bond that is like a sister. She’s like a big sister to me and changed my life. Brooke is someone who will push you to your limits and I wouldn’t have been able to do this without her. I will be entirely honest and tell you that if I was student valedictorian my speech would be inspired by Brooke she is the biggest inspiration in my life, and i will be writing my college essay about her because of it. There is no one I would rather workout with then Brooke we laugh and have fun but I train and I have become so much stronger and more confidence since I started with her guidance. Brooke is bubbly, personable, easy to talk to, and most of all motivating and i am so beyond grateful to have her in my life. I have grown a love for working out because of her. I have Brooke to thank for giving me that gift.

Cassandra B.

I truly cannot express how wonderful my experience was with Brooke. Brooke taught me so much about myself. For someone who was so nervous and full of anxiety about many things, Brooke showed me that I had an inner strength all along. Brooke is so knowledgeable about what exercises are perfect for me, guidance on nutrition, and empowering me to continue my fitness journey. I am so impressed with her passion for not only fitness but the connection she pursues with her clients. Brooke made me feel so comfortable in a space where I was not. Brooke is a fantastic trainer, inspirational motivator, and all around wonderful human.

Saida H.

Brooke is an awesome friend now and very experienced and educated trainer at Lifetime. I definitely will recommend her to everyone because she is the Best! Her classes are so much fun that I am addicted to them!!! I have been member of lifetime since 2011 and nobody came up to me during my workouts and corrected my form during my push-ups. She was so nice and friendly about it that I have decided to start 1:1 sessions with her. She made each training so much fun and time went by so fast. I had her 1:1 sessions for 3 -4 months but I am taking her classes twice a week regularly and they keep me going. I am blessed that I met Brooke and she brought me back to my regular workout routine where I used to workout 4 times weekly. Thank you Brooke!

N T.

Brooke gives sound advice that remains science backed. She pays careful attention so as to not cause injury. Her workouts remain thoughtful and customized to the individual. She also possesses great energy and makes the workouts enjoyable and fulfilling.

Beth P.

Brooke changed my life! I’m a middle aged woman who needed to get fit but hated working out and sweating. Brooke created training plans that were always different and she made the workouts enjoyable. I started looking forward to training with Brooke and sweating. Hard work doesn’t bother me anymore because I am seeing results! I’m down 30 pounds, 5 inches around the waist and I’m much stronger and more confident than ever before- all thanks to Brooke!

Siyun L.

I have worked with Brooke for about 3 years now. I love her. She is always energetic and push me during the workout out of my comfort zone but not hurting myself. She always tailors my need and my body condition especially after having a baby, she worked with me to recover. She is very flexible and always work with me to get the work out in. I am always looking forward to the work out.

John M.

Working with Brooke has been both a pleasure and rewarding. One of the best things about Brooke is how she tailors each workout to the individual and their specific goals - no one size fits all approach. She also incorporates all the equipment available at Lifetime - for me, at least, I have no idea how to use much of what's available. Her knowledge and introduction to all that is available makes for a wide variety of workouts. Last, she is just enjoyable to be with. Each session includes not only effective workouts, but laughs and social time. It's a nice break from the hectic work and parenting life. I can't recommend her enough.

Cilla B.

I've been strength training with Brooke for several months now and I can definitely see results. I follow up with exercising at home. This combination, combined with lots of walking/cardio, has helped me with both my strength and immune system. What I really like about Brooke is that she stresses the basics and pushes me to do my best.

Michelle B.

Brooke was my trainer while living in Mason short term. My goal was to build muscle and endurance after a recent surgery. Before Brooke, I never loved working out but she’s completely changed my outlook on coming into the gym. My newfound love of lifting, challenging myself and having that mind-body connection are all thanks to Brooke- and I’ve also found a new friend in her! She’s great at cheering you on and making you feel super confident in the gym. I promise you won’t regret training with her.

Kylie E.

I had been a member at Lifetime for over a year when I started working with Brooke. I was still out of shape and overwhelmed with how to use everything the club offered. Brooke welcomed me into her small group fitness class and provided all the modifications and education I needed at the time. She truly cares about the physical and mental well-being of her clients. I never felt judged for not being able to complete the workouts or exercises in the beginning. Her encouragement and optimism kept me coming back. She listens to my health goals and continues to challenge me as I build strength and balance. We’ve started 1:1 sessions to work on implementing more advanced lifts I never thought I’d be doing. I’ve lost 80 pounds. But more importantly, I’ve gained a passion for strength training, a new confidence, and a friend. Brooke is educated, experienced, honest, supportive, and committed. I leave every session feeling amazing and will be forever thankful for her help in my fitness journey.

Gwenn C.

After years of spinning my wheels in the wrong direction, Brooke was able to help me channel my energy and drive in a very positive direction, and for the first time in years, following countless battles with an eating disorder I became stronger, and with guidance and patience grew muscle and gained weight in a very healthy environment. I will always be grateful for her patience and understanding. Highly recommend Brooke as she does what she says. Period.

Marlena A.

Brooke started training me around June. Our primary focus is my legs. By far, this has been the most progress I have ever made on my legs/glutes. I’ve been working out for years, but not really know how to actually build muscles. Brooke’s expertise and explanation of each movement really allowed me to make that mind to muscle connection. Aside from being a great trainer, I’ve come to find out what a great person she is and how much she cares for everyone. She’s really amazing all around!

Jill K.

Working with Brooke has been fantastic. She is encouraging and tailors the workouts to my goals and needs. I enjoy my sessions with her!

Autumn H.

Working out with Brooke is just easy. Easy as in she makes you want to come to the gym and workout hard with her. She makes you feel so comfortable and it’s like hanging out with your best friend.

Molly G.

I feel very blessed that Brooke was my trainer. Each time I worked with her, she came up with different exercises to keep me from getting bored. She constantly motivated and encouraged me. She celebrated the progress I made. She made exercising fun. More importantly, she became a friend.

Omar K.

I starting working with Brooke in June of 2020. I had a goal of passing my physical fitness test for the Marine Corps Officer Program. I needed a final push to build my cardiovascular strength. In August, with Brooke's help, I was able to pass my test for the first time!! She would even send me motivation before and after tests! Brooke is just as much of a life coach as she is an expert in personal training. She is extremely driven to her client's goals and keeps them accountable. She becomes your friend and coach. It was always a pleasure to work with her! I was able to see improvements from my first training to my last training session. I now have valuable skills I can utilize for myself. I believe Brooke has given me a great foundation for what I was looking for: Improving my High-Intensity Cardio Workouts. Brooke is extremely knowledgeable in her field, and she will help you manifest your goals in a realistic manner. I traveled a lot for work, so she even coordinated me with her colleagues at other gyms. I thought this was really nice actually because it fit my schedule nicely. Brooke values cross-training from other trainers so her clients get a holistic approach. That is a commendable attribute of Brooke, she is not selfish with her clients and genuinely wants them to learn and grow. All in all, Brooke is a clear winner as to whom to train with! P

Lesa D.

Brooke makes working out fun! She inspires and motivates me which keeps me coming to her classes. I had a shoulder problem a few months ago. She gave me special exercises that strengthen the shoulder area. It’s all better and I’m getting stronger every session. Brooke truly cares about her clients.

Lisa K.

I love training with Brooke! I have so much fun during our sessions that time flies by and it doesn’t feel like hard work even though it is. She really cares about her clients and is a great motivator. Thanks Brooke!

Paige G.

I have loved training with Brooke! I began training with Brooke to learn how to use the equipment and reach my fitness goals. She was able to accommodate and understand previous injuries my body was still recovering from, and has taught me so much! I have seen some serious changes in how my body feels and looks! She taught me to love the gym. I love Brooke and loved training with her and catching up with her every week!

Colleen R.

I have been a member of Lifetime Fitness for nineteen years. Brooke was my third personal trainer during that time. She was, by far, the best I’ve ever had! Her enthusiasm, energy and care are unmatched. She taught me not to be intimidated by any of the gym equipment. I find myself looking forward to strength training because she made the exercises fun. She was so helpful by sharing her You Tube videos for home workouts. She truly cares about her clients and it shows. She was an absolute joy to train with. I would strongly recommend her to anyone. She was the best!

Andrea U.

Brooke is absolutely fantastic! I came to Lifetime recovering from ACL reconstruction surgery. And I found Brooke - thankfully! She has set up a training program for me and I am gaining strength and confidence every day! She is extremely supportive... motivating me and encouraging me every step of the way. She welcomes and insists on feedback so that we may adjust my program as needed. We communicate quite often, always with positive and constructive words of wisdom. Her outgoing and approachable personality are a breath of fresh air. I will be running again before I know it!

Sheena T.

I’ve been a member of many gyms and any non cardio machines had always seemed intimidating, with many unknowns, however training with Brooke’s never ending enthusiasm, drive and positive attitude has changed all of that. I’m happy now on machines I wouldn’t have looked at and can get so much more out of my gym visits. Brooke is excellent at working out what you’ve mastered and moving you onto the next challenge and also investing time in clients to help them become more purposeful in their own workouts!

Meg J.

Brooke cares a lot about her clients and genuinely wants to see them reach their goals. She’s always on time, flexible to adapt exercises to my needs/abilities, and is such an inspiring person to talk with. She guides me through a good and challenging workout every time, I have complete trust in this talented lady. Recently she did an exercise segment on a local news show, and in the past she was on two reality tv fitness challenge shows. She is skilled and dedicated to fitness. Best trainer!

Margie S.

I joined Lifetime, because I wanted to be in a place where I would be well supported in my goal of becoming a bikini competitor. I met with Brooke to discuss those goals, and she offered her experiential knowledge, as well as helped me consider the best options in moving forward with my plans. Her friendly demeanor, thoughtful feedback, and practical approach are exceptional qualities in a trainer!

Lisa K.

I am grateful for Brooke’s enthusiasm, encouragement, and expertise! Brooke is very intentional about understanding an individual’s capabilities and goals, as well as possible limitations, before crafting a personalized training plan. This thorough approach has been especially helpful and motivating to me as I make progress towards my goals while I continue to recover from a previous injury.

Richa G.

She is skilled, thoughtful, and a pleasure to work with and talk to. Her easy going, friendly personality creates a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere. She is always there for you even if its off-hours. I still have a long way to go but I am sure with Brooke's support I will get there soon!

Aminah C.

Brooke truly lives up to her reputation of being a cheerleader and she is nothing short of amazing! I was originally drawn to her because of her story and what a true inspiration she is but in the short time I’ve known her I’ve come to think of her as not only my personal trainer but my friend. She is super supportive and encouraging and cares so much about helping you accomplish your goals. I truly look forward to our sessions and enjoy our time together every time- even the challenging ones :)

Ashley H.

I have been a Lifetime member for 10 years, but had never tried personal training until this summer when I met Brooke. From the moment she approached me and talked to me about her fitness journey, I knew she was someone I could trust to help me with my own goals an challenges. She is incredibly caring, motivating, and extremely knowledgeable. I previously never felt comfortable lifting weights or using machines at the gym because I was never sure how to go about it, and didn't want to look silly and do things the wrong way. After only 6 sessions with Brooke this summer, I now feel confident, encouraged, and more motivated than ever before to work out and try new things. I can use almost every machine at the gym, and feel so much stronger and more capable in my workouts! I am seeing a real difference in the shape and strength of my body, and have even noticed a difference in prior injuries not hurting as much as they did before! I am extremely grateful to Brooke for her kindness and support, and am continuing to have her as my coach and my friend even while I am away at school. I highly recommend anyone who has never tried personal training to talk to Brooke and work on your health and fitness goals together, it will be truly life changing!

Sairima D.

Brooke is an awesome trainer and person! She is so positive and encouraging, and has been wonderful with helping and guiding me with my workout tips and ideas. I’m glad to have met her in my journey at lifetime fitness.

Brooke K.

Brooke is amazing! I’ve known her for many years and when I wanted some help getting my body back she was there to help me. Being a single mom it’s hard to get to the gym. Most gyms do not offer childcare and the ones that do, well the times aren’t convenient for me. Brooke came to me and I was able to bring my girls along too! She showed my little girls a love for fitness. Brooke showed me the best exercises to work the areas I wanted to improve the most. She is very knowledgeable and she will help you get where you want to be!

Ana R C.

I am 72 yrs old and am well on my way to 73 with several health issues, shoulder injuries, problem knees, etc. etc., etc. As a LifeTime member, I have worked with several trainers but at this stage of my life I had decided that I just couldn't exercise or train without worsening my injuries. I was going to cancel my membership. Then I decided to try one more time. I spoke with Stacy Harris and he recommended Brooke Van Buren. Brooke listened to my litany of issues and assured me that she could help me. We've been working together for a few months now and she is amazing. She always has an encouraging smile, she's always positive, empathetic and very knowledgeable. She's always encouraging and alert to my needs. She can modify, adjust or replace any exercise to make sure I am comfortable and not in pain. She always has my welfare in mind. We have a lot of fun and do a great deal of laughing while we work together. She's even getting me to use the intimidating and dreaded machines. I consider Brooke my friend. I highly, highly recommend her to anyone who needs expert, professional, non judgemental, positive and encouraging assistance and training.

Karen D.

I have really enjoyed all the encouragement Brooke has provided as I went through the 60 day challenge. She made me believe I could do more than I ever thought I could.

Paul S.

I was one of the people that always wanted to hit the gym and workout but stayed away because of my fear that I would use the wrong machines and/or totally workout the wrong way. My wife and I decided to take a chance and we met Brooke and knew she was our trainer from the start! She totally gets our needs and most importantly listens to what I need and checks in even on off days to see how I’m doing. Shes motivating and encouraging without being too sugary if you will. I’m glad we decided to overcome our fears and commit to a healthier lifestyle! Brooke rocks!

Jennifer B.

I love her!! She is so cool, down to earth, and truly cares about your goals. Even though she’s is in great shape, she never makes you feel less than. If anything, she makes you feel better about yourself! As a beginner with a lot of weight to lose, she worked with me and pushed me but didn’t kill me. You will actually want to keep coming back to her! And if you want her to kick your butt she can do that too! Lol she’s a beast in her own life but, she won’t show you that unless you want it! Haha she can train you for any goal you have! Can’t wait for my next session! Always a joy to be in her presence. I consider her a friend and not just my trainer.

Bob E.

Brooke was my fitness trainer for three months and it was an absolute delight to work with her! I was impressed with Brooke from the beginning of our twice weekly sessions because of her engaging personality, high energy and extensive knowledge of fitness training. Her expertise and continuous encouragement helped me increase muscle strength and improve balance after only a few weeks. I was very pleased to see desired results come faster than expected!

Cierra H.

I have tried work out plans, I’ve done fitness training in the past with other trainers, and I’ve blindly attempted working out with no fitness guide or person to direct me. But what I lacked each time was consistency. Meeting Brooke has made me find that consistency and motivation to wake up and keep striving for all my goals even if it’s outside my fitness journey. Brooke has easily became one of my favorite people and it’s not because she’s helping me achieve the body that I want. It’s for all the reasons that make her up as a person. She will believe in you even when you don’t believe in yourself, and the second you start doubting anything she’ll remind you why you started. She is such a beautiful person inside and out. But most of all I love the LOYALTY she brings to her clients and to helping you PERSONALLY achieve your goals because I feel there’s no one who genuinely cares the way she does. And I hope everyone someday gets the same fitness opportunity that Brooke brings to the table!

Tommi V.

I have been working with Brooke for about 4 months and the changes in my strength and appearance have been amazing!! She never gives me more than I can handle but gives me enough of a push to see the results I am looking for. Love her!!

Chad M.

So you don't get to work out with somebody so relatable. She has been anywhere that you have been with regards to diet or stuck in a rut with weight loss. It makes it easier to work with her. Don't get me wrong. She will work you and smile while she is doing it. But the results are there. She is very knowledgable and always in a good mood, and she knows her stuff. If you get the privilege of working with her, you will not be disappointed. Oh and she is very communicative with her clients. You will get text messages to track your progress or pain but you can tell she is smiling as she types it. You will love the high energy.

Shayna C.

Hi, I’ve been training with Brooke for the past few months now. It’s been so wonderful so far, she’s always so cheerful and motivating. We have great conversations that make the workout not feel as tiring. She always checks up and makes sure I’m not too sore the next day, which I? never really am because of the stretch after! She really made me enjoy going to the gym and fitness. A great trainer and friend!

Karen C.

Brooke and I have had an interesting beginning, from intervention, to honest advice, to now training. Her sincere interest in my struggle is what makes her special. This is my third attempt at finding the right combination and I have already succeeded in one of my goals in the first month. Brooke listens to me and plans accordingly with her workouts. Her energy and enthusiasm keeps me going and strengthens my commitment to her.

Elizabeth M.

Hello, i just want to say that thanks to Brooke i am capable of doing so many things that i was not able to do. She made my sessions go fast and not borring at all on my work outs. I love her great personality.Thanks to her i can do my workouts and keeping up with my health just as doctor recommended. I would go back trainning with her again, She is the best trainer ever.!!!

David P.

Overall, Brooke enjoys her job both as a career and as a way to help people through teaching us healthy habits. More specifically, she is polite and caring, she has a positive attitude, projects confidence and expertise, has a clean cut wholesome appearance, is a poster girl for the benefits offered by LTF (personal training and nutrition/weight loss guidance), she is not pushy-she let’s the LTF facility and its services sell themselves, despite a busy schedule she makes time to be helpful. And finally, she does not patronize those of us who are pudgie and out of shape. I enjoy working with her.

Tracy M.

I have had the opportunity to work with Brooke for the past 3 months. I have experienced nothing but amazing workouts. Brooke is very caring and attentive to what her clients needs are. She closely monitors my limits and how far she can push me. She deserves nothing but the best compliments from me and I am sure she is the same with all her clients. She holds you accountable and will help push you to your limits. She has been nothing but a breathe of fresh air.

Patty H.

Hello, My name is Patty and I have had the pleasure of training with Brooke Van Paris for the last five months. I have worked with many different trainers through the years, both men and women, so I have a varied perspective and many points of comparison. Brooke is very personable! She is genuine in her desire to know her client’s needs, goals, preferences and limitations. She took the time to get to know my physical history to understand what areas of my body may be weak or compromised. Then she consistently built a workout that challenged those areas without reinjuring them. I did not have to remind her at any point about those areas of concern. I appreciate her positive disposition! It is genuine and consistent, it does not waiver based on what’s going on in her day. She has been upbeat and professional at all times. I also find her to be a good motivator, again with genuineness, pushing clients to work harder as well as giving positive feedback on the gains they have made. I will be 50 this year so I have more aches and pains than I used to. Brooke has been great about checking in with me each workout to find out if there are any areas that are sore or tweaked. Then she adjusted accordingly. At times I gave her feedback that a particular exercise was not comfortable and she could always immediately vary the grip or stance or the overall exercise to accommodate me. She has the knowledge and experience to think on her feet. I have had such a great experience in training with Brooke and I will miss her so much. Any client would be blessed to work with Brooke and any employer would be lucky to have her!

Morgan A.

I’ve had good and bad personal training sessions with both good and bad trainers. She is not only knowledgeable but friendly. She makes working out go by fast but I still feel like I workout! She’s a wonderful person and I enjoy working with her. We have a lot of fun! I won’t work with any other trainer now.

Jill W.

What makes Brooke so GREAT is she is so relatable. Whether you are recovering from an injury, stuck on a plateau, or trying every fad diet to lose weight, she has been there. But what makes her a standout is that she gives you hope. Hope that you can reach your goals. She is so inspiring and encouraging. When no one else believes you can achieve your goals, she does. She gives me a different workout every time we meet. She checks on my the day after training to see how I am feeling and to ask if I have any questions. I know she genuinely cares about me. I have worked with a lot of trainers in the past, but she is far and beyond the BEST!!

Glenda R.

At 66, I'd just about given up hope of being fit again. I worked out faithfully most of my adult life until the past 10 years. Brooke changed my life! She is knowledgeable, thorough and enthusiastic. But this is what sets her apart . . . She GENUINELY cares about me . . . my goals, my health and my happiness. She is a remarkable young lady. She is my friend.

Kristen G.

I have been training with Brooke for 3 months now and can honestly say I enjoy going to the gym again! Brooke is so knowledgeable, understanding, and easy to talk to. She actually makes working out FUN! I love how every session is different, and I can’t believe how quickly each hour goes by! I have definitely increased my strength, toned up, and lost a few pounds and % body fat as a direct result of working out with Brooke. She has also educated me and given me confidence to use equipment I was previously too intimidated to try on my own.

Teresa S.

I had never worked with a trainer before, and I am so glad that Brooke has set the training standard for me! Brooke listens to my goals, creates fun workouts, and has accountable (yet fun and friendly) follow up. Brooke has taught me how to use the 'scary' parts of the gym, like free-weights and those crazy rope things. She is always mindful of form and how the body is feeling; She is motivating, and does not push past healthy limits. Brooke naturally cares about people, and connects beyond the training session. Brooke is AWESOME, and is a great trainer for any level!

Angie D.

Brooke Van Paris was our personal trainer for the last eight months. She is extremely knowledgeable about how the body works and what builds strength, flexibility and muscle. She has made weight training a fun and rewarding experience for our entire family. Brooke has been flexible when our schedule has been difficult, knowledgeable and patient when we’ve asked question after question about nutrition, muscle building, strength and weight loss. She’s been dependable, accessible and a lot of fun to be around. My family and I have all experienced growth, better health and a new passion for working out because of our time with Brooke. She has gone out of her way to help us become healthier family and she has been a joy to work with. I would highly recommend Brooke as your personal trainer and believe you would find her to be an asset to your healthy new life! Stephen and Angie

Pamela P.

I came to the lifetime complimentary birthday session for which I chose weight training. This is how I met Brooke Van Paris. I then signed up to have her as my personal trainer during my 60-day challenge. I'm in better shape now then I was 2 months ago. I have a ways to go to get to where I want to be but I know she can help me get there. She has an absolutely Charming personality. Her knowledge about different ways to get your cardio in if you have an injury and weight training is amazing. During our training sessions she actually does the exercise with me which is very motivational. I would definitely recommend her to anyone who would like to see a dramatic change in their physique.

Loree S.

I have known Brooke VanParis for 8 months and in those 8 months I have grown to love and respect her so much. I went to her, not having ever been to a training specialist before and her warm personality won me over right way. Then I realized she really knew what she was doing and I started seeing the benefits of her training within a few weeks. I am so much stronger and confident now. This is because of Brooke’s ability to win you over and motivate you to do your best. Brooke is a highly capable person and had overcome so many obstacles in her life, that there really isn’t anything she can’t do.

Courtney S.

I absolutely love training with Brooke! One training session with her was so much better than five sessions with anyone else. She totally understands how much to work you and pushes you just the right amount. Highly recommend!

Chloe H.

Where do I start? Not only have I known her through her own fitness journey which is extremely remarkable in itself. Brooke helped me begin mine as well. She taught me how to maintain a healthy diet and helped me ease into a workout plan that worked for me. She is extremely encouraging and helped me find better alternatives to my dessert addiction. I credit Brooke with giving me the insight and the tools to use in my fitness journey and see the results I want.

Katie C.

Brooke is the Best! She has a natural ability to motivate and empower her clients in a positive and sustainable way while also balancing the technical ability to meet and exceed her performance exceptions as a Personal Trainer. Brooke has an eye for success, safety and quality for her clients. I highly encourage anyone at any level of fitness to work with Brooke!

Arnie d.

Before I trained with Brooke, I only knew how to use the treadmill and elliptical. Now I am more confident using the different gym equipment. Brooke designs workout plans that suit me and continuously make the exercises more challenging. She also makes sure that there a lot variation. She always corrects my form and encourage me every step of the way. I learn a lot every week and I feel stronger now. Brooke is awesome!

Emily W.

I love training with Brooke! Going to work out any other day is a drag but I always look forward to Thursdays with Brooke. We work hard and she definitely pushes me but the time flies as we just chat away like girlfriends. Best of all, she actually knows what she's talking about and is genuinely interested in teaching and motivating each of her clients as individuals.

Ryan R.

Brooke is a very positive and motivating force for her clients! She has inspired me to start training again, and make healthy choices in my daily life. Brooke has ‘walked the walk’, overcoming personal challenges and setbacks in her life to get where she is today. Her unique experiences really help her connect with clients who face seemingly insurmountable obstacles to achieving personal goals for health and fitness.

Maria F.

I love training with Brooke - her upbeat, positive energy is so motivating. The time seems to fly by in our sessions because we have fun together. Brooke is also very knowledgeable - I always feel like she is watching my form and she changes up the exercises so it’s never boring.

Amanda J.

I met Brooke at the most opportune moment in my fitness journey. I had just joined Lifetime a few months before and though I was excited to get back to a healthy fitness and nutrition routine, I was a little unsure where to start and less than confident about exploring some of the more "scary" parts of the gym! After my first complimentary session with Brooke, all of my excuses for not having a trainer went out the window. I realized that meeting with her once a week was going to give me the push and motivation I needed to kick myself into gear. And so far, it's been fantastic! Brooke is so personable and has made me feel comfortable working out with her from day one. I work from home, so any form of human interaction during the week is a plus, but training with Brooke each week is definitely the highlight! After only a few months of working with her, I can already tell that I've built more muscle and more endurance with her than I have by myself in the past two years. She varies my workouts to keep it interesting and I feel like I learn something new—about fitness, nutrition, my body, specific workouts—every session, which is really important for me. Afterwards, she checks in with me, giving me tips on how to take care of my body on off days. Brooke gets me excited about fitness and encourages me to keep doing my best. I seriously can't recommend her enough!

Kiley S.

Brooke and I worked together in personal training sessions for about a year until she relocated. During that time, I always looked forward to our time together. Brooke was always high energy and created a positive atmosphere. We always had fun and laughed, which you can't usually say about normal workouts! I left every session sweating and feeling great. Brooke is very knowledgeable. On a personal level, she takes an interest in you and getting to know you as a person. You will be in good hands with her as your trainer!