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Personal Trainer | Small Group Training–Programming Specialist | Small Group Training-Master Coach | Nutrition Coach | Group Instructor and Coach



  • Frisco, TX


Virtual Coaching, Small Group Training, One-on-One Training


Performance Enhancement, Muscle Building, Strength Training

  • Schedule available upon request.

About Me

Been involved in fitness all my life . Training since 2008 Former Collegiate Athlete. I do this Because I absolutely love my career! Fitness and Health are my Life and Passion!!

“How you do anything is how you do everything ! ”

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Dave W.

Bryce has the best training program out, hands down. The workouts not only push you to continue to grow physically, they also challenge you mentally to get stronger. I’ve seen a world of difference in my physic since I’ve started the program. If you are serious about your fitness goals, I would encourage you to try out the program. You won’t be disappointed.

Lynn B.

Bryce is an awesome trainer. Very knowledgeable and truly loves his job.

Jose K.

Awesome Training program. Where I saw an impact was on my stamina and conditioning. I love hiking and being outdoors and I was able to go from 2 mile hikes to 5 miles. Bryce always made suggestions and modifications if I was struggling with anything and my back stop hurting because he was able to show me how to move properly.

Karen C.

What can I say about this awesome young man! He is well versed in the knowledge of his profession. He is dedicated and passionate about his career. Always encouraging, advising on how to live a healthy and vibrant life. This young man has coached me virtually and has successfully helped me overcome my frozen hip and eliminated my back pain. He reminded me of the importance of the technique in working out. With that I have intentionally focused on taking my time and doing the exercises correctly. It has helped tremendously. I just love him! What a jewel.

Gris M.

Bryce is not just a gifted top trainer, he is also an elite athlete. Always practicing his own preachings. I had the honor to join his programs in 2015-2020, his boot camp, the most fun, his weight lifting (alpha program) the most expanding, challenging yet the most rewarding personally... and his one on one personal training, the most guiding. I deal with chronic joint immune system issues so my expectations by working with a top performance trainer weren't high. I just wanted to see if I would survive... indeed, he has been one of my most proud investments, both timewise and money. He not only gave me results beyond what I ever thought possible given my chronic health... but he helped me realize of own mental blockages I didn't even know I had, and pushed me to many next levels for a 40-year old woman, with no background in the gym/or athletics...I went from only doing therapies and 3 pounders to maxing 145ish lbs in several mechanical weight lifting moves. He has a very unique intuition about his clients, knows when to push and when to scale it back. He works and adapts to his clients' levels, yet always asking for us to give our best and most. Also as I got stronger and built more muscle my joints have been kinder with me since they are more supported. Bryce is genuinely caring, committed and his clients are his priority. His work ethic is phenomenal. I venture to say he is a top elite trainer in the country.