Duncan F.

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Nutrition Coach | Personal Training Manager | Life Time Academy-Instructor | Personal Trainer



  • Chappaqua, NY


Metabolic Testing, One-on-One Training, Member Onboarding


Performance Enhancement, Post Injury/Corrective Exercise, Muscle Building, Strength Training

  • Schedule available upon request.

About Me

I train to be an influence in people's lives. I got into it because I used to be a chubby kid myself when I was little. I love staying active, and continuing to learn not only about health and fitness but music and art. I also hope to make individuals view their health as a "necessity" and not a "luxury." Everyone has got their own fitness goals and needs. But in the end, everyone wants to be a better person, no matter what the goal is!

“Don't Judge Your Own Success by Someone Else's Ruler Love what you do Love who you do it with And Love what you leave behind”

— Duncan

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Amy Z.

I've belonged to many gyms and worked with many teacher-trainers. Duncan is in a class of his own. Extremely knowledgeable of his industry with state-of-the-art skills. He is encouraging, fun, and a terrific communicator. He brings invigorating and strategic thinking to customizing workouts for me. I am relatively a new client for him but I think he may be stuck with me for some time. If you're looking for a superlative trainer, Duncan is for you.

Doreen W.

I have been a dancing and skiing all my life. In order to excel at those activities one has to work the right muscles and stay attuned to your body's needs. After the misery of Covid, I needed to get back to some serious workouts. I've found Duncan to be fantastic. He's very knowledgeable about all aspects of training and nutrition, and he's generous of spirit in keeping you engaged while doing the work. You will be in the best of care if you choose Duncan as your personal trainer.

Claudia M.

As someone who has exercised for the majority of her life in a variety of different settings, a personal trainer was not something that occurred to me. Working with Duncan has allowed me to take my workout routine to another level. Through his knowledge and experience, he was able to fine tune my basic form, allowing me to effectively increase my ability to lift heavier weight and giving me better body composition. Since starting with Duncan, my body is stronger, looks more athletic, and my posture has changed for the better. I highly recommend investing in yourself by utilizing Duncan as your personal trainer.

Liz Z.

I cannot say enough good things about Duncan! I have been working with him for 3 1/2 Years. I never was a gym person so he had to start at square one. I have become so much stronger thanks to Duncan. He has helped my posture, my overall fitness and elasticity. He has seemingly limitless patience and good humor. Also very flexible with scheduling changes at the last minute!

Lisa B.

I've been working with Duncan for over a year and have seen amazing results in that time. He is passionate about fitness and it shows through the energy and enthusiasm he brings to every session. His easy going, friendly personality creates a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere. He makes each workout challenging, and most importantly, fun!

Angie S.

I never thought that personal training could be for me. I am a busy working mom of twins who desperately wants to get in shape and be a positive example for my kids. When I met Duncan and started training with him my view completely changed. Duncan listens to my goals and helps me work towards them. No matter what life throws at me and where I am at mentally and physically he pushes me to take it to the next level and encourages me to take on challenges. During my time training with him, I have completely stepped out of my comfort zone and tried yoga, boxing, flipped tires and even participated in a race. I couldn’t have done it without Duncan! At our very first session I told him “I want to be strong”. Today I can honestly say I am stronger in so many ways and look forward to every session!