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  • Palm Valley, AZ


Member Onboarding, Virtual Coaching, One-on-One Training, Nutrition Coaching, Small Group Training


Weight Management, Post Injury/Corrective Exercise, Endurance Coaching, Pre/Post Natal, Strength Training

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About Me

I'm Jenny Hermosillo, a devoted mom of two and happily married to my soulmate! My passion lies in health, nutrition, and the behaviors that drive us towards achieving our goals. I firmly believe that every individual is uniquely remarkable, and I am deeply committed to helping unveil that potential in everyone I encounter. Drawing from my personal journey of shedding 40 pounds, I specialize in guiding clients through transformative weight loss journeys. Having experienced the challenges firsthand, I understand the initial hurdles of embarking on such a path, which fuels my dedication to supporting others through their own transformations. In addition to my extensive education and coaching experience, I approach fitness with a focus on strength and conditioning for longevity and goal attainment. I aim to inspire and push you beyond your perceived limits. Together, we'll craft a tailored plan that not only helps you reach your goals but also cultivates lifelong habits & success!

“Celebrate your body and move it every day! ”

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English & Spanish


Stephen P.

I’m tall, 65 years old with replaced knees. I’ve been working out off/on since college basketball. I joined LifeTime Christmas 2022. My son suggested I get a trainer to improve bone density and to get variety in my workout. After Jenny helped me establish some basic goals and measurements, she developed a program for me. Since then, Jenny has really worked with me to expand my goals to improve stability, strength and the confidence to do thing I couldn’t do 25 years ago. This is due to Jenny’s continuous feedback throughout my workouts, diet and general lifestyle. She’s also asking me for feedback before, during and after our workouts allows her to optimize our exercises and continue improving my overall fitness. She now has me so enthusiastic about our fitness plan that she has to push me to take time off and increase calories. My strength, flexibility, endurance, balance, confidence and mental health have all improved dramatically. I’d recommend Jenny to anyone who is ready to make or remake their fitness routine and lifestyle.