Julia D.

The Cheerleader

Corporate Registered Dietitian



Burlington, MA

  • Tue-Thu: 12pm-9pm
  • Fri-Sat: 6am-3pm

Starting at $95.55/session


Nutrition Coaching


Weight Management

  • *Prices vary by trainer and service provided.

  • *Other hours available upon request.

“Our Mission is to provide an Entertaining, Educational Friendly & Inviting, Functional & Innovative experience of uncompromising quality that meets the health and fitness needs of the entire family.”

— Life Time

My Story

I found my passion for health and fitness during my first strength and conditioning class in high school. I decided to turn that passion into a career and became a registered dietitian and personal trainer. I love helping people find the right balance of healthy eating and exercise in a way that is fun, empowering, and sustainable long term. I enjoy snowboarding, playing tennis, watching The Office, and writing nutrition articles.


Had a great experience with me?

Laura N.

Julia is great! I hired Julia to consult with me on a nutrition plan after meeting her during a 60-Day Challenge nutrition seminar. She customized my nutrition plan to be manageable with my busy schedule, making changes in baby steps to ensure they would become sustainable habits. Also, she was not judgmental if I "fell off the wagon", so to speak, and open to modifying the plan if parts of the plan weren't working so well. She is big part of my health and wellness and I definitely recommend her!

Patrice B.

Julia Dugas was my nutrition consultant through Crosstown Lifetime Fitness Center winter 2017-2018. Julia was professional and kind, as she worked with me through a number of fitness and nutrition goals. Initially she worked to learn about my health goals, and made dietary recommendations tailored to my particular fitness needs by listening to my health history. She helped build upon my goals by giving me encouragement for the new choices I started to make, offering other products and programs available through Lifetime to identify nutrition needs and improve my health. She identified new behaviors helping me succeed in in my weekly nutrition and health goals. For example; setting aside a weekend day for cooking, and documenting my food and water intake with a nutrition app. This might sound simple, but these two behaviors took me weeks to follow through with, and balance time and energy for. Sometimes she suggested I work on a small part of a plan to build on it. Julia was influential making these small behaviors add up to the bigger goal being an effective and regular part of my life, one small step at a time. Julia worked with me problem solving when things didn’t go just right, making simple dietary recommendations to fill nutrition gaps, recipe recommendations, or menu alternatives for food I might be tired of eating. I was never made to feel a failure when nutrition goals weren’t met. Julia did a lot of listening. I am increasingly grateful for her patience and determination, to problem solve. I recommend Julia highly for nutrition and fitness counseling. She is completely up for the task!

Ann-Marie T.

Julia is a great nutritionist and effective coach. I worked with her for four sessions in Summer 2018 to review what I was eating and what I could change for my desired results. She's good. I recommend her.

Rei K.

I was skeptical with nutrition coaching because I thought I knew my diet well enough. I was very surprised and happy to say that I was wrong about my assumptions. Julia gets to know her clients down to personality and tendencies. She remembers the conversations and my likes/dislikes to incorporate a personalized plan for me. I learned so much about myself and lifestyle. I made many changes that have sustained months later. She takes the time to check in with me outside of my sessions which helped a lot with motivation. She has a plan B always ready to implement to keep the momentum going. She is organized, thoughtful, and intuitive to my specific needs.

Vicky D.

I have worked with Julia through two 60 day challenges and have seen great results in my body, mind and mood. Julia has a great knowledge of nutrition and has really worked great with the rest of my health team to completely personalize a diet and nutrition program for me. She is very loving and conscientious with her clients and coworkers and is so knowledgable. Best part is she can give you advice and explain so that a person can understand the whys and how. I and many others at our club are really going to miss her