Lisa S.

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Nutrition Coach | Personal Trainer | Group Instructor and Coach



  • Chanhassen, MN


One-on-One Training, Nutrition Coaching, Small Group Training


Weight Management, Post Injury/Corrective Exercise, Muscle Building, Strength Training

  • Schedule available upon request.

About Me

My story began in college when I struggled with body image issues. Luckily I found something I could focus my energy on that was positive(exercise). I like to encourage my clients to focus on seeing what their body's can do, while reaching their goals. Improving both how you feel physically and mentally. I am passionate about helping others build confidence in and outside the gym. My training style focuses on functional exercises; Full Body exercises such as Deadlift, Squat, Bench, Ketttlebell Swings and many more! Every client's body moves in it's own specific way, so every client of mine receives a program tailored specifically for their needs!

“Success is... Knowing your purpose in life, Growing to reach your maximum potential, and Sowing seeds that benefit others. ”

— John Maxwell


Laxmi G.

I enjoyed working with Lisa for three sessions when my leading trainer was on vacation. I liked her sessions, where she focused mainly on the form and helped me not to underestimate myself but to give it a try to ensure that I am capable of lifting more than I thought I could. She is a great trainer to work with if you are ever interested.

Jason T.

I chose to work with Lisa because I saw her enthusiasm - whether working with clients or working out on her own. She has been terrific at working with my towards various goals - I have lost 20 pounds, gone from zero chin-ups to 5 (on a good day), and worked to improve my ability to play golf. She has a wonderful feel for when I need to be pushed and for when we need to back off. She has been very good about including my college age children in workouts when they are home. Most importantly, we have a lot of fun.

Shelley D.

Lisa is truly an inspiration! She called me out of the blue one day 6 months ago, and I picked up her call which I normally don't do if it's a number unknown to me. She offered me a complimentary training session. Since I already work out regularly, I figured that another training option would only help in my quest to fight aging and stay healthy! Lisa has built my confidence by making me realize that I CAN do things that I thought were not possible like flipping a tire and increasing pull-ups. She is always positive, motivating, and I love the special connection we have! Lisa makes me look forward to coming to the gym! Lifetime is blessed to have her!

Doyle H.

I started seeing Lisa before the 90-Day Challenge in the spring of 2016 with some pretty broad goals. She helped me isolate my goals into tangible numbers that we could track and control. She worked with my schedule and kept all the workouts interesting. These are just some reasons why I am still working with her today!