Omar H.

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  • Flatirons, CO


One-on-One Training, Member Onboarding


Weight Management, Post Injury/Corrective Exercise, General Health and Wellness, Muscle Building, Strength Training

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About Me

Throughout my life fitness has helped me overcome many difficult hardships, which is why I am so passionate about fitness. I know deep in my heart that fitness is a key to bring ultimate happiness in someone's life. I want to help you unlock ultimate happiness by you working with me. A quick description of how I train is I strive to maximize your results by training you at the correct intensities for your fitness level, while prioritizing safety with flawless technique, and having some laughs with you on the way to crushing your fitness goals. Let's get it!!. EDUCATION & CERTIFICATIONS: B.S. Exercise Science, Pain Free Performance Specialist, NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, ACSM Registered Clinical Exercise Physiologist, NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist, NASM Performance Enhancement Specialist, Stick Mobility Instructor, NASM CPT, ACE CPT, & KBC Certified Kettlebell Instructor. HOBBIES & INTERESTS: Yoga, Fly Fishing, Day Trading, & Humor.

“'The clock is ticking, are you ready?'”

— Greg Plitt, fitness model


Benjamin S.

Omar is an outstanding trainer. Utilizing a holistic approach including nutrition guidance in addition to cardio and weight training he was able to help me achieve my weight and body fat reduction goals. I continue to benefit from the knowledge and accountability that I gained while working with him. His vast understanding of all things training, see accreditations, helped ensure our workouts were always challenging and diversified. I can’t recommend him highly enough, and would encourage anyone looking for personal training through Flatirons LT to inquire with him.

Devin L.

I was out of shape and put on some pounds during COVID, Omar provided me with the encouragement, tools and structure I needed. I lost 25 pounds in 3 months while building muscle and have maintained it since our sessions. A genuine and great person he made training fun. Thank you, Omar!

Joe V.

I came to Omar after having reinjured my lower back and struggling with doing much lower body work. My lower back pain was pretty constant which kept me from working out. I have a pretty stressful job and exercise is my typical outlet so I was struggling. Omar immediately understood where I was, having also suffered a lower back injury in the past. He really helped me improve my core strength, develop solid techniques to do lower body exercises, and gave me new ideas on how to up my upper body gains. We spent a lot of time on diet as well and he blended just the right amount of encouragement and accountability. I couldn’t recommend him more wholeheartedly. We set goals and surpassed them, and the results have been repeatedly noted by my friends. I’m 1000% more confident in doing lower body workouts without hurting my lower back thanks to Omar’s instruction.

Kurt A.

Omar's long list of credentials and certifications would not be as meaningful if he wasn't also skilled in applying these achievements to each unique client's situation. I'm here to tell you that he excels at this!!! Through conversation and careful observation he will identify your desires and challenges, and come prepared for each session with a regimen to tackle them head on. Omar listens well, is inspiring, and realistic. He is the reason I was a recent 60-Day Challenge national winner, and who I continue to count on as I prepare to crush my next goal. I highly recommend Omar as your next personal trainer!

Miles C.

I’ve been training with Omar for 3 years now. He is a nice guy and really knows how to progress through weight lifting with his clients

Lisa T.

Getting to the gym is not one of my strong points. Training with Omar helps! Omar has helped me with training for several years and has encouraged me to become a healthier person. He is great at knowing the techniques that will ease discomfort and strengthen an aging body. Omar takes the time to learn his clients strengths and weaknesses. He is not a drill sergeant, he is patient, funny, and tells it like it is! love working out with him!

Matt S.

I’ve been training on and off with Omar for over a decade. I’m always in better shape when I’m training with Omar. It’s as simple as that.

Shane M.

Getting a trainer was the best decision. I converted body fat & corrected old injuries.! Omar's knowledge of the body achieved this in 7 months. Thank you Omar! Love & Light

Reese H.

Omar has patiently worked with me for a year, guiding and assisting me through the recovery of moderate ailments & injuries that have limited my abilities to enjoy life to its fullest. His knowledge, patience, & perseverance are the key reason I am once again able to participate in activities I'd previously thought were forever in the past. Thank you Omar!

Allan B.

Omar is the best! I have been training with him for over 10 years and can recommend him highly. He has extensive knowledge, his workouts are well planned, and he pushes me harder than I would train on my own. And he’s just a great guy to spend time with!