Scott D.

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Personal Trainer | Group Instructor and Coach



  • Gainesville, VA


Member Onboarding, Small Group Training, Metabolic Testing, One-on-One Training


Performance Enhancement, Post Injury/Corrective Exercise, Endurance Coaching, Muscle Building, Strength Training

  • Schedule available upon request.

About Me

My journey began when I turned 18. I was diagnosed with epilepsy from a bicycle accident when I was 9. I was determined to make the best of it and focus on my health and well being. In college I followed my passion for fitness and received a degree in exercise science. Shortly after graduation I fell in love with Spartan obstacle course racing and started competing in races. By the grace of God I am able to share my passion for health and wellness with everyone, every single day. If you're looking for someone to challenge you to be the best version of yourself and finally break up your inconsistent behaviors, I would love to meet you.

“"Comparison is the thief of joy"”

— Theodore Roosevelt


Kylee M.

Scott is one of the most knowledgeable trainers I have had the pleasure of meeting. On top of his extensive knowledge, he is super personable and very encouraging! I couldn't recommend anyone better!

Victoria A.

Scott listens, observes your needs, watches your body movement and, builds a plan for you. I approached Scott not knowing what to expect, I had gone through multiple surgeries on my rotator cuff. He helped me with mobility, worked with me weekly and gave me home exercises to do. He was always there with any questions I had. Working with Scott has made me stronger and now I have confidence to use most of the floor machines that suit my needs. I am grateful to have met Scott the time I did. I highly recommend Scott, he is a joy to work with and you won’t regret it. He is knowledgeable and he will definitely help you achieve your goals.

Gray E.

This man right here lives and breathes his craft. I have met very few people that are so dedicated in the fitness world, and he always leads by example.Thanks for the motivation Scott

Dan O.

Scott is a master trainer who is especially intelligent and perceptive in his approach. His tailored program achieved comprehensive fitness, quickly. Months in, I am still eager for his training sessions. The results have been life changing.

Shana G.

It's clearly evident that Scott found his passion in this field and I am very fortunate that I get to be part of his gift with partaking in his group workouts. He is the perfect combination of tough ("Scott, you are killing me!") and warm ("Shana, you killed that workout!") Scott makes each workout challenging, creative and most importantly, fun! He also places a high value on correct form with each exercise. I absolutely adore Scott, his workouts and also my new muscles!!!

Maddi R.

When I decided to return to exercise after a serious illness and years of inactivity, I didn't know where to begin. Despite my history, Scott cheerfully agreed to take up the challenge of working with me and convinced me that I could be successful in meeting my fitness goals. He was patient and listened to my concerns every step of the way. His positive approach kept the hard work fun and his careful programming led to significant improvement in my mobility, posture, physical fitness and overall health. Most importantly, he equipped me with the tools I need to confidently continue my fitness journey. Wherever you are in your fitness journey, you could not ask for a better, more supportive, or more dedicated personal trainer than Scott!

Shannon C.

Scott is truly great at what he does. As a trainer he really gets to know you and what you personally need to challenge yourself and improve athletically. What I love the most is that we never do the same workout twice, every day is something different. He loves what he does and it shows, simply one of the best.

Candace T.

I have been working out with Scott for over a year now. His passion is eclipsed only by his unwavering patience during every workout. I would not be where I am today with my physically fitness without his knowledge and assistance. I will always be grateful for his supportive nature and ability to keep things fun and fresh. He is a true gift to LifeTime.

David P.

The journey began at 232 lbs with 29% body fat at 55 years old this was not a good combination. I began cardio and drop some weight but the results were slow so I decided to get some help. I’m not quite sure how I was introduced to Scott but it was a life changer. We spoke for a while going over programs and set goals (achievable) for the next 10 months pre and post COVID we started the journey. Today I’m at 182 and dropping with 16 % body fat with a goal of 10% body fat. None of this would have been possible without Scott’s dedication to my personal health he is a true professional in his field. No matter your age or weight if you have the dedication in yourself Scott will equally dedicated to you . Thank you Scott for all your help and your friendship

Michael F.

My wife and I have been consistently working with Scott since pre-covid. We are truly inspired to go workout with him every day, even on days we don't want to work out. His attention to form/motivation keeps us coming back week after week and clearly have seen improvements in our diets, strength gain, and overall body shaping. Scott by far is the best personal trainer I have used and seen in the gym. We will continue to work with him on a weekly basis and would recommend him to anyone I know. Keep up the good work Scott.

Carl G.

I worked with Scott for 18 months. In a word, WOW, what a difference it made in my life. In short, I have gained muscle mass, greater balance and now have a better and healthier lifestyle. I spent many years doing the same workout over and over again. I was in a rut. Scott was able to get me out of rut by showing many different workout regiments to keep things fresh. He also designed workouts around my day to day life activities. This included strengthening my core, better balance and healthier diet. Scott’s in depth knowledge of just about everything related to good health and his ability to listen and translate my goals into quantitative results has made all the difference. Thank you Scott!

Ethan F.

Prior to me paying LifeTime for Scott's help over a series of training sessions, Scott approached me numerous times with advice (never unwelcome) and offered to sit down with me multiple times when he saw I was struggling with something. It's a testament to Scott's help that he never needed to actually ask me if I was interested in paid sessions beyond letting me know what the policy was. When I reached a position where I was fiscally able I was happy to enlist his help, which had thus far helped me tremendously. I can legitimately say my current willingness to come to lift 4-5 times a week is directly related to how much I learned from Scott. He helped me build some excellent habits that stopped my soreness, helped me to be more flexible, and in some cases doubled or tripled the weights I could lift. Beyond just learning the physical exercises or stretches, Scott helped me understand the science behind it and structure my nutrition around it (that showed immediate results). Without a doubt, Scott is one of the most helpful people at the gym and one of the most knowledgeable trainers I've ever met. I will absolutely be availing myself of his help in the future. You cannot go wrong with Scott if your goal is to become more fit and avoid injury. Very thankful for his help. Respectfully, Ethan