Seth L.

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Personal Training Manager | Personal Trainer | Group Instructor and Coach



  • Flower Mound, TX


Member Onboarding, Small Group Training, One-on-One Training


Performance Enhancement, General Health and Wellness, Muscle Building, Olympic Lifting, Strength Training

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About Me

My journey began in 08, when I came home from my freshmen year of college to find out that my mother had been diagnosed with breast cancer. I decided that school could wait and that family was what was most important. I had never seen true strength, until I had to watch my mother go through chemo. From that moment forward I knew that If you can be mentally strong , that you can get through anything that life throws at you.

“If you don't believe in yourself, no one will. ”

— Kobe Bean Bryant


Nancy R.

My name is Nancy Rothman. Seth was my trainer at the Tulsa Lifetime gym. Seth’s non-wavering determination, focus, positive outlook and concern for his clients was a constant motivating factor to continue on with the program. I fulfilled my part by showing up and not quitting and left the rest to my trainer. In my opinion, to say that Seth Lawrence is gifted at his profession is an understatement but I will let you judge for yourself. I was in Seth’s Team Weight Loss class. This is an entry level class. The following are the results: 1.I lost 10 pounds, reaching my goal weight. 2.I lost 40 pounds of internal body fat. 3.I added 17 pounds of muscle. 4.My Vo2 (oxygen intake) went from poor to optimal. 5.I went from walking at 3.5 on the treadmill to being able to run at the 7.5 level. 6.I went from not running at all to running a 5k race in 33 minutes. 7.With deadlifts, I went from lifting 25 pounds to being able to lift 115 pounds. 8.When Seth transferred, I skipped the intermediate class and went right to the advanced class and have been there for two months. (Alpha with Todd Duncan) I think it is important to note that I will be 60 in August. With determination and a great trainer, it can be done. Well done Seth Lawrence!

Grant N.

Seth is by far one of the best trainers I have been around!! He is incredibly knowledgeable and always brings new exciting exercises to spice up the workout. Most of all, he breeds positivity!! You can't help but be filled with joy and encouragement throughout the workout. Like I of best trainers you will find!!!

Jenny R.

While I didn't train with Seth for very long, he was the first trainer to talk to me about food and explain to me how to read the labels on the foods I was eating. That changed everything for me. EVERY THING. I lost the most body fat and weight while training with him. He is always smiling and willing to answer a question if he can. I still use the advice today that I was given by Seth 2 years ago.